Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bone Heads In Action

I wandered around the blogosphere and found a couple of interesting articles. The first shows four contestants for the Darwin Award or, as I like movies so much, The Forest Gump Stupid is as Stupid Does Award. Thanks to “CO” at I Was Thinking.

Another article is from Neil Boortz, and no I’m not making this up.
'COLD WAVE IN INDIA ATTRIBUTED TO GLOBAL WARMING'. I think the same folks who wrote the headline instructed the bomb digging team in the previous article.

The last one has to do with a lost laptop computer; but I hadn’t seen it anywhere except FoxNews so far. A woman is suing Best Buy for $54 million because she claims the consumer electronics retailer lost her laptop while it was in for repairs and tried to cover up its disappearance. Let me venture a guess, she’s related to the guy who sued the dry cleaning establishment when they lost his trousers? What ever you do, don’t hand this woman a hot cup of coffee; if she spills it and gets scalded the national debt will look like chump change.

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