Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Roof, Rough and Ruth

I found an article on the FoxNews website about a fellow who got in trouble for shouting at a police dog. I automatically felt a grin creep across the corners as I read further.

“Moses Rogers Jr. was also charged with disorderly conduct after police say he shouted the obscene statement into the window of the patrol car in which the dog was sitting, “causing the dog’s behavior to become overloaded, tormenting the dog,” an arrest affidavit states.”

Rogers reportedly became irate when an office(r) approached him to ask for identification, TCPalm reports.”

I have no idea why the police asked Mr. Rogers for his identification; but unless he was operating a motor vehicle they’d better have had a really good legal reason. As far as shouting at the police dog; well who’s to say if the dog had been certified in the language being spoken?

Having been near police dogs many times I often found them to be highly sensitive to the presence of anyone other than their partner/handler. Perhaps police dogs suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder and should be put on Ritalin. I wouldn’t recommend getting close enough to press the issue and shouting insults at a police dog, even when separated by a police car’s window isn’t the wisest thing to do; but is it covered under any criminal law?

Did you hear about the guy who went into the bar claiming his dog could talk? The bartender goes along for a few moments as the dog’s asked some questions.

“Tell the bartender what goes on top of a house.”

“Roof”, the dog responds and the bartender rolls his eyes up in their sockets.

“Okay then, is sand paper smooth or rough?”

“Rough”, the bartender is about to turn away and get back to washing a few more glasses.

“Who was the best baseball player to hit the field?”

“Ruth”, the dog responds carefully and with that the dog and his owner are escorted to the sidewalk, the door closes with a slam behind them.

The dog thoughtfully looks to his owner and adds, “Maybe it was DiMaggio.”

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