Friday, January 15, 2010

Did I Miss the State of the Union Address?

Lucy tossed the front section of yesterday’s newspaper on the coffee table awhile ago and in a quick glance the main headline grabbed my attention. I couldn’t see the smaller print or the photograph accompanying the headline, only the huge print, “A NATION IN RUINS, ITS PEOPLE IN MISERY”. The thought occurred to me, “Oh my goodness, I missed the State of the Union Address”; but the article was about the earthquake in Haiti.

Come next election, please remember, VOTE NO INCUMBENT. Throw the rascals out and maybe, just maybe the next crop of representatives will follow the constitution, listen to the voice of the responsible folks ( the ones who pay taxes, not the other ones), read legislation prior to voting, spend only what is absolutely necessary and remember that the purpose of going to Washington is to serve, not become rich and powerful.


Anonymous said...

Man, thanks for fixing that comments thingee. You were unreachable for too long.

No incumbents! I'm with you.

Starsplash said...

Yay! Comments!

T. F. Stern said...

Yea, got the comment section working, now all I need to do is get the format back where the side bar is up where it should be. When I transferred the old Blogspot comment codes from a saved version of my template I managed to muck up the rest of the format.

MK said...

"....the purpose of going to Washington is to serve, not become rich and powerful."

Indeed it is TF, thanks for the reminder.

Nice to see comments working now.

David said...

I still think we ought to all, in our various states, work to get NOTA (None of the Above) placed on EVERY ballot position, with the provision that, shouls NOTA obtain a plurality of the votes, then ALL candidates for that position would be disqualified from running for political office for a period of years (I'd go for, "Until death do we part") and the office for that position be vacant until a new slate of candidates be selected and one of them receive a clear majority--that one NOT being NOTA.

Of course, in that case, I'd probably vote a straight NOTA ticket for the next decade or more... ;-)