Friday, January 08, 2010

Princess In - Cousin Out

An Arctic mass of cold air made its way through the Houston area bringing temperatures down into the mid 20’s last night. We wrapped towels around the exposed plumbing where the water hoses hook up and where the service pipe goes into the house. I even placed a couple of huge plastic bags filled with mulched leaves against them to give a little more insulation.

In the garage I built a Hobo Shanty for the Hobo Kitties, an extension ladder acting as the main support for a tarp to capture the little bit of heat put out by a space heater, the tarp safely distanced so as not to be a fire hazard. We still need to get those kitties spayed and neutered or there will be a fresh crop of them come spring, keeping warm in cold weather lends itself to other forms of cuddling.

Our Bubba Kitty is an inside cat and begged to go outside this morning as the temperatures soared to 30 degrees, catch some fresh air and brag to the Hobo Kitties of her status. A few minutes later Bubba was at the back door wanting in, Princess Hobo Kitty sitting a few feet away contemplating her limited memories of having been on the other side of the very same back door.

Bubba didn’t need any prompting as the door cracked open just enough to permit her entry. I watched as Princess immediately followed, a slight apprehension keeping her from a full fledged bounding toward the opening. Patience was a limited commodity as cold air blasted its way in; but Princess opted to enter the “Giant’s” living quarters, carefully stepping across a rolled up towel used as a weather barrier as I closed the door behind her.

Cousin Headbuttr’ then showed up a few moments later, looking at the Princess who was now enjoying the warmth; but I knew better than to offer. Headbuttr’ lacks the intestinal fortitude to live among the Giants and would only stand in the portal, wanting to go in where it’s warmer and yet never making the commitment as cold air poured in the whole time. I captured the moment with my camera.

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