Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tony Bennett Surprise

Lucy brought home a neat surprise yesterday while shopping the cheap table at Walgreens, a Tony Bennett DVD/CD combo pack; under five dollars for both. I guess they were trying to reduce inventory on slow moving items; we got a steal of a deal price wise.

The DVD is set up in biography format, a musical explanation of how his talent developed and eventually led to international recognition. There are some great snippets of some awesome music along with narration to set the tone; all in perfect digital sound.

I’ve just transferred the CD onto my iTune register and will make it portable the next time the iPod is updated. The Shadow of Your Smile just played while writting, a duet with some French singer, Juanes. The two of them alternate between English and French as they apply their talents; very nice.

The inside jacket on the CD contains a mosaic rendering of the singer; click on the image to bring it to full size and then use your photograph viewer to get ever closer, observing each individual image within the structure. I had to crop it; wouldn’t fit within the confines of my scanner’s platen.

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Anonymous said...

I love the guy's voice, but he's alienated many with his looney Leftie rants. Too bad.