Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mr. Peabody and Boy Fraser

Apparently this is Way Back Week on Facebook. I posted a picture of yours truly the day before entering the Houston Police Academy, having just shaved of the mustache and slicked back my hair; frightening to see a stranger looking back in the mirror.

There was a request for a picture showing that same youthful and vibrant character with mustache; but I’ll go one further, half on and half off with a silly grin.

I didn’t have a picture of Mr. Peabody in my files and had to grab one from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon show. Looking a bit further back into the Way Back Machine’s archives I found a picture of yours truly on Christmas Day, 1954, wearing a cowboy outfit similar to those worn on the old black and white television series, The Cisco Kid.


Jahn said...

Did you know that The Cisco Kid was the first Western in color? They show it on one of the extended digital channels (RTV) here in Chattanooga.

T. F. Stern said...

Jahn, Didn't know that; my folks didn't own a color TV until we were much older, everything was in B&W until then.

David said...

*heh* I have a pic like yours in the cowboy outfit. Differences were that I was holding the hat, not wearing a gun (my Granddad told me he never wore a sidearm on the ranch as a lad; just carried his model 1895 darned near everywhere he went, including to school, along with his 9 brothers, so... :-)), had jeans tucked into boots. Same pick is what I clipped for my favicon for my blog.

Those were the days... BTW, the "rifles to school" thing makes me think that anyone trying for a "school shooting" in Granddad's day would have been in for a rough row to hoe. *heh*

MK said...

I gotta say, your kiddie picture looked a lot closer to you today than that first pic. :)

Nice to see you knew where you was headed from your young days.