Monday, March 22, 2010

Wearing Politically Correct Handcuffs

There’s an article by Michael Dykes posted on the Yahoo News site pointing attention to the fact that many Republicans have lost their regard for keeping quiet; often times spewing antagonistic words in public meetings.  The story came to light as a heckler from the gallery shouted “Baby Killer” during the proceedings prior to the congressional vote which passed Health Care Reform legislation. 

According to a statement by GOP Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer, “…he stipulated he actually shouted, "It's a baby killer," in reference to the unamended health care bill, and has since apologized to Stupak for any suggestion that he personally was responsible for the killing of babies.”

I see no need for an apology; the health care bill specifically mandates federal money be spent to fund abortions.  Neugebauer’s expression of that fact, loudly and without hesitation, has been twisted in order to create the impression that he intended to insult Rep. Bart Stupak, who had just bent over and kissed President Obama’s backside prior to changing his vote from (*)“No, I could never support a bill containing federal money for abortions” to (*)“Yes, I’ll vote for your health care bill as long as you promise to write an executive order preventing federal money from being used to pay for abortions and I know you’re a man of your word and would never lie, deceive or otherwise lead the American people down the garden path.”  (*Exact quotes were made up as a convenience; but are accurate in their intentions)

Dykes was quick to point out that “Majority Leader John Boehner let loose with a cry of "Hell no!" in his own fiery floor speech denouncing the Democrats' handling of the legislative process.”  There are times when righteous indignation should boil over into public expression; having the health care bill shoved down our throats at the cost of individual liberty is one of those times.  

Dykes also reminded his readers of “Rep. Joe Wilson's now-famous "You lie!" shout during an address by President Obama to both chambers of Congress.”  I for one wanted the entire Republican Party to stand up and shout right along with him.  I’d also hoped they would stand with their backs to Obama or simply walk out in protest as our Liar in Chief prattled on and on about the State of the Union; guess I won’t be nominated for any Politically Correct Achievement Awards, at least not by this Congress who seem to be made up by a majority of liars and thieves.   

Another observation printed in the article, “The challenge for Republicans going forward is to avoid the same undertow from their activist base—to establish majorities in Washington and not let the unsavory aspects of the fringe haunt them for decades to come.”, as if the entire Tea Party movement was simply an extension of the Republican Party. 

I guess we’re all supposed to put on politically correct handcuffs; the liars and thieves will just go away and leave us alone if we’re quietly respectable and sit still.  

Thousands of folks showed up in Washington to protest the health care reform bill, the despicable process through which it came to fruition and the elitists promenading in front of our Congress as if they’d been coroneted to rule over their subjects.  They weren’t fringe Republicans, Democrats or Independents; but represented Middle American values from all sections of our society, folks who are “up to here” with business as usual in Washington.  We’re frustrated and “We’re not going to take it anymore!”


T. F. Stern said...

Blogger was giving me fits again with links and editing what's new about that!

This article has been cross posted to The Moral Liberal, a publication whose banner reads, “Defending The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government, & The American

David said...

Dykes mistakenly identified John Boehner as "Majority LEader" when in fact, Boehner is a Republican and hence the Minority Leader. Otherwise, apart from mischaracterizing Tea Party folks as "vocally disruptive" and spreading charges of racist and "homophobic" behaviors against them, as well as his citation of The Egregious Frum, the article was worth reading. Thanks!

MK said...

There's a reason why criminals are put in handcuffs, to restrain them, to keep control over them. It's the same reason these bastards want to put the cuffs on you.

The probligo said...

One of the things that has puzzled me greatly about the American health system i that people seem to think that it works as it was!

What I fail to understand is how a system costing $7415 per head of population, providing health care to only 85% of the population, with the outcome of life expectancy which ranks the US as 46th in the OECD can possibly be regarded as "working". Those numbers are quoted as being from 2007, not Obama's new law.

Here in NZ we have state funded health care. It does not cover accident (funded from separate taxes), dental, opticians, nor the first $35 of my doctor's bill. It does cover most drugs except those that might be considered "recreational".

On the scale I saw (published in a recent American Geographic of all places) NZ costs about $3,500 per person for a universal health care system.

So, as I said, I have to wonder what is right about America's system.

T. F. Stern said...

Probligo, There is no simple answer; however, the numbers you show include all the free passes given to illegal aliens and moochers living off those who actually do pay their fair share. That having been said, another reason for high costs have to do with greedy lawyers making a fat living off civil court cases filed simply to make money rather than to correct some fault which may or may not have caused injury to their client. Regardless of the outcome, doctors have to protect against such suits, hospitals raise their prices and so on and so on.

Having watched our government screw up almost everything they get their hands on, what is to keep them from destroying the health care system far below any standard we now have? Nothing!

This isn't about government providing health care so much as it has to do with government taking control of health care which in turn turns citizens into subjects. Subjects are much easier to control when you have their health controlled.

Aside from the cost of doing business, there's another detail, that of Agency, the right of individuals to act on their own without having to bow and scrape to anyone. Our system, as inefficient as it is, mostly due to government intervention I might add, does work to supply the best medical service anywhere in the world as proven by the fact that world leaders come to the USA for treatment when the going gets ugly.

No, you can have your government health care doled out and may you always enjoy good health; I'd have preferred the socialists we have here to have moved to a country which would more suit their desires and to have left the best form of government alone.

T. F. Stern said...

MK, Instead of handcuffs I probably should have used a mouth gag to show what political correctness does to freedom of speech. Thanks for your thoughts.

The probligo said...

TF, your response to my comment has me gob-smacked, almost speechless. I am not going to reply here, because I am guest in your house, and there is no way that I will insult my host in his own castle.

Suffice to say, you put your finger on two or three points which are valid, require response.

The rest, I will consider and respond at my place. See ya there!

T. F. Stern said...


For the variance in our views on issues, I'm pleased to see our discussions continue to permit mutual respect.

Tigersue said...

The thing we have to understand is each country is responsible for their own stats, it is not standardized across the world.

For example, the one that I am familiar with is the mortality/morbidity rates of newborns. In the US we count all babies born that take a breath in the mortality rates. It doesn't matter the gestational age, but in general the US starts at 24 weeks. (I have personally seen babies born at 22 weeks that have survived with some on the new equipment used in the early 90's) In other countries the don't count any baby born over 28 weeks. This of course will give them a much better mortality/morbidity rate as an infant born at 28 weeks has greater chance of survival without horrible long term consequences. We also have to consider the abortion rates in other countries, include some that have mandatory abortions if there is anything remotely genetically wrong with a baby that you don't see as much in this country. I know many women that give birth to a baby that has down's syndrome where in other countries that is a mandatory abortion. There is also a higher incidence of elective abortions as a means of birth control outside of the US, this also changes the out comes of those stats.

We also have to consider that we in the US are funding the companies that develop medicines because the rest of the world refuses to pay their share of the costs. So the burden of that is upon our shoulders alone. That is enough to send our bills higher than elsewhere in the world.

I have had to deal with medicare and medicaid and it is a pain. I heard a commentator from Britain that was very much against the US bringing in a nationalized Health care system, one of his reasons;
The bill(s) did not take the best of other countries methods, but rather the worst. Where else would we get the idea that we can find and/or imprison anyone that does not buy coverage.

Tigersue said...

Sorry that should say...
They do not count any baby born under 28 weeks.