Wednesday, August 17, 2005

ACLU Calls Evil Good and Good Evil

I read an article on the World Net Daily web site where an ACLU spokesperson has compared a school board which has started with an opening prayer for the past 30years with those terrorist who slammed a couple of jet liners into the World Trade Center buildings.
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“Joe Cook of the ACLU of Louisiana… Referring to the school board, Cook said, "They believe that they answer to a higher power, in my opinion. Which is the kind of thinking that you had with the people who flew the airplanes into the buildings in this country, and the people who did the kind of things in London."”

I think it amazing that such huge leaps in comparison are not only possible but plausible in the mind of some folks. Joe Cook has come to the conclusion that people who pray are automatically evil because they have turned over their mental faculties to a higher authority, God.

The logic of their argument goes along the path that: first, there is no God, second, since there is no God anyone who claims to believe in such a God must be inferior intellectually, third, anyone who is that inferior should not be in a position to lead others down that same path, and lastly, prayer to a being that does not exist is simply evidence of a deranged mind intent on evil because a logical person doesn’t place hope in something that does not exist.

In the movie, Contact, there was a scene in which the scientist character was asked by the religious character if she loved her father. She answered, “Yes.”, whereupon he responds, “Prove it”. How can you prove something like that? In matters of faith, feeling, and other intangibles which make up so much of the human experience, those who require proof will be sadly disappointed at every turn. They will require that which is not, nor was it ever intended to be proven.

When such proof is not provided these secularists will come out with a familiar, “Just as I thought”, as did the little girl in Miracle on 34th Street when confronted face to face with Kris Kringle, the real Santa Claus and his line requiring her to show a little faith. Kris had been unable to furnish the little girl with a house under the Christmas tree. He tried to explain that she must keep on believing to which she replied, “Oh, yea, like, “if at first you don’t succeed try, try again”, I, know.”, the little girl’s attitude having been established to reject the notion of acting on faith from the beginning.

Just as the prosecutor’s office in the movie had gone about the process of declaring for the State of New York that, “There is no Santa Claus”, Joe Cook of the ACLU has made it a matter of declaring there is no God, that folks who pray to God must be evil and that Louisiana had better keep an eye on these school board members before they go about crashing airplanes into the public schools.

Joe Cook, the ACLU lawyer and spokesman, reminded me of a line in the Book of Isaiah when he compared the good intentions of a working school board directly with the destructive and evil intentions of those terrorists who destroyed lives, property and peace of mind back on 911.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” I’m on a roll so, “If the shoe fits, wear it!”

My thanks to Liberty Letters for the article they wrote.

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