Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Create a Nation

I read Brad’s post, “My Rogue Nation”, and thought that it might be interesting to play along; but not in the game, at least not the official internet game, for that would trivialize some of my thoughts. I’m not into games like when we all would play Risk, the world domination war game back in college. I did enjoy Sim-City until I found that I was wasting way too much time and found the “cheater” button that would permit unrestricted funding of my game.

What kind of a Nation would I place on this world? The answer lies in what I consider the most important aspect of the human condition, faith in God’s Only Begotten Son. I would pattern my nation after one that was inspired and Devine. This government would not have to be “created”; rather, it could be installed by duplicating the existing pattern already in place and used by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The leaders of the National/Church would be called of God and sustained by the membership rather than elected. The defense of this nation would be placed in a dedicated armed forces unit with its powers gained and supported by their faith in God’s ability to act in their behalf against any and all who would be in opposition.

The National/Church headquarters would be located in Salt Lake City; that should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, and would be run on the tithe system. All to be done on a voluntary assessment based on 10% of each individual’s perceived increase rather than a tax; with other necessary expenditures placed before the membership as a request and paid via voluntary donations as directed by the conscience of each individual such as Fast Offerings and philanthropic donations. There would be no distinction between the National Government and the Church Government, the population being members of both. Those who desire to have full membership would enjoy the added benefit of doing Temple work while those who lack the capacity for such would not. For those unaware of the workings of the Church, Temple work is a separate function from regular worship services and requires a higher personal level of commitment.

Those who stand in defiance of National/Church law would be asked to leave until such time as they could once again follow and adhere to the laws and policies; much the same as those who are excommunicated from Church membership now. It is essential to understand that membership or citizenship in this National/Church is strictly voluntary and requires only a broken heart and a contrite spirit. There are no fences to either keep them in or to prevent entry. An occasional wolf may enter; but would quickly be identified and rendered harmless because the faithful would have the Holy Spirit with them always.

The matters of addressing the needs of those members of such a nation who are either less active or who have, for one reason or another, lost full active status would be left to the local Bishoprics; their selfless desire being only to provide for those in need. This would be no different than the government that will be in place after the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, who upon his return will take his position as head of all the world, the form of government having already been put in place.

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