Sunday, August 14, 2005

Updated Template

I took a few minutes to update my template; interestingly, it was my father who pointed out the need for it. My dad has no use for computers and so I send him printed copies of my blog articles to keep him informed of my insanity. The other day he asked, “When are you going to show that you have two grandchildren now, instead of one on the way?”, as it appeared on my profile and so I fixed that this afternoon. I will be turning 55 next month, not that it shows up on my profile; I’m looking for some neat presents and what better way to advertise than on the internet. I also added one more blogsite to my regular list of folks I plan to read during the week.

Liberty Links is well thought out and written and I recommend it strongly. This past week there was an article posted by Bliss Tew as a warning against the “one world order folks” as they use and implement NAFTA, CAFTA and FTAA. It was titled, “Power Elites Riding The FTAA Horse To Hemispheric Integration”. There is a reference to a book worth purchasing in the article; rather than give the title away, go read the article. Here’s a teaser:

“…Mr. Jasper pointed out that the European Common Market, a stepping stone toward establishment of the European Union, was presented to Americans as a way to defend Western Europe from Communism, while it has instead been used to drive Europe into socialism.”

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