Saturday, August 20, 2005

Being the last to go is tough

This is the last of the puppies, all the others having been picked up by their new families and taken home. To top that off, Lucy put this one outside for an hour so she could clean up the kitchen nook, sweep, mop and toss out some well used newspapers. This puppy was so tired out from all the yelping and protesting that as soon as she got a chance to come back inside it was time for a nap. I had been out working in the Houston heat and so we both took a time out in my favorite chair for half an hour or so. Tomorrow, after church, even this one will have gone to her new master. I will miss them; but not enough to want a puppy here on Monday.

For you up in Denver, no, she isn't going for my throat. Around most parts of the USA this is called snuggling. In Denver it is a capital crime to be a Pit Bull.
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