Friday, August 19, 2005

Doing Something Different

I have no idea how many folks check by to read my articles and it’s been suggested on more than one occasion that I install some kind of site meter; in any event, I’m grateful to any who might stop by on a regular basis. I’m trying something different, not so much in my writing style or choice of things to write about; more on where I place these articles. I found a small group of writers going under the name “Liberty Letters” and I liked their style enough to join ranks with them. Rather than post all my blogs here at T. F. Stern’s Rantings, I will work doubly hard so that I can post articles to both. I will keep a spot open, likely on Friday or Saturday depending on how business and making a living in the real world places demands on my time, and list those articles along with quiet links to those posted to Liberty Letters.

Yesterday I wrote about my feelings toward having the federal government manipulate local school district funding in order to mandate a special day to honor the Constitution.
Anyone who has read my stuff should understand how great a value I place on our founding documents and the need to keep them high on our list of priorities.

Today I wrote on the subtle means by which the pro-choice agenda has taken to minimize our sense of feeling toward the destruction of unwanted life in the form of a fetus in order to provide for the greater good of all. I called it, “And we only had to murder one fetus”.

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