Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The New Nickel

The New Nickel

I went to the health food store this afternoon and picked up a refill for my vitamins. In the change I got, and there wasn’t much change, I got one of the new style nickels. I had to look at it twice to be sure what it was. My first reaction, after verifying that it was indeed United States issued, was, “Wow; that sure is cheesy looking.” Only a portion of Thomas Jefferson’s silhouette shows up, as if the folks working to engrave the image looked at their clock and discovered that it was time clock out. “We’re done, heck with it. They aren’t paying overtime anymore so let’s go down and get a beer.”

I wrote an article back in March after having purchased my first gold coin. I referenced some information I had heard about gauging a society or a civilization based on the information readily available through their
coinage. Some of the most beautiful art can be found on simple coins from all over the world; sea turtles suspended in the waters as they swim by, various birds in all their splendor, portraits of individuals in sharp relief and so on until the coins begin to explain our way of life and what is important to us.

Back to the new nickel that I got in my change today; what a disappointment as I wondered why only a portion of Jefferson was showing and why the buffalo on the back looked like it came from a box of Cracker Jacks instead of the US Mint. Maybe this is one of the tell tale signs of a society that is sorely lacking in pride, is that it? I suppose I should be grateful that it still has, “In God We Trust” and “United States of America” stamped into the metal. I’m waiting, hopefully it will never come, when our coins have something like, “New World Order” and “Trust in the Arm of Flesh” inscribed along with a picture of the United Nations Building.
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