Sunday, October 01, 2006

Finding Treasure

When I was a very young boy visiting a friend in his back yard I found buried treasure while digging along the back fence. The earth was a dark brown soil that had a wonderful rich smell, the kind that made for great vegetable gardens. We’d borrowed spoons from his mother’s kitchen, large stainless steel soup spoons as our imagination took our excavations along secret corridors of the Black Forest, the Great Wall of China and darkest Africa.

I ignored the dirt on my hands as being part of the thrill, a means of obtaining the unknown, when I spotted something with a reflective surface among the craters we’d created. Instantly I focused on the object still buried, a slim silvery trinket that had been left; had been left by Pirates. Yes, Pirates had been known to use the many coves along the island in times past; maybe I’d found the tip of a King’s ransom in my friend’s back yard garden. I dug carefully around the item, not wishing to damage it. It was a Sterling Silver knife, a butter knife as I later was informed. We dug for hours and never found any of the remaining buried treasure, items that might also match his mother’s silver pattern.

This weekend I learned that I could watch General Conference courtesy of BYU television on my computer. In the past I’d thought it pretty neat that I was able to listen as the audio stream was brought to my computer; but this was a crystal clear digital image with matching stereo, wow! I wasn’t aware that BYU had the ability to offer such fine programming via the internet; not only General Conference, but any of the variety of wonderful shows that are produced for their network.

I got up early to catch the Tabernacle Choir presentation; too early as it turned out; they come on half an hour prior to the first Sunday morning session of conference. I caught the tail end of a talk given by Douglas L. Callister, “Your Refined Heavenly Home”, which he’d given on September 19, 2006. I sat in my favorite chair as if he’d saved this particular talk just for me, my ears catching important information that struck chords of reason. I await, with eager anticipation, going back to retrieve a transcript of that talk, to listen and watch as the opportunity presents itself now that I know where to find it.

The treasure had been hiding just under the surface all this time, having been brought to light by my accidental digging. This time it wasn’t some lost butter knife borrowed from the family silver drawer; it was a box containing digital promptings, talks by inspired individuals with the ability to improve my life here on earth. I invite anyone with even the slightest desire to improve or cultivate the eternal nature of his/her soul to spend a little time digging; who knows, you might find some extraordinary treasures.

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