Thursday, October 26, 2006

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

There is something wrong with our fuzzy thinking, reading from an article written by Deb Riechmann, AP, and posted on AOL’s news site (linked via title bar).

Bush Signs Bill for Fence on U.S.-Mexico Border
Barrier to Combat Illegal Immigration Will Stretch 700 Miles

“WASHINGTON (Oct. 26) -- President Bush signed a bill Thursday authorizing 700 miles of new fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border, hoping to give Republican candidates a pre-election platform for asserting they're tough on illegal immigration.”

Thinking out loud, “Gee, that’s interesting; I thought the fence was to help define our border, to help defend our county from those who would enter illegally, now I find it’s all about electing Republicans?”

Silly me, now you’re gonna’ tell me that the truck I bought, the one in my driveway that has all the tools of my trade ( my “profession” for those who have to have letters behind their name ) and the inventory to provide those services when and where I’m called; all that is just secondary to providing a job for some fellow in Michigan? The transportation afforded by that truck is incidental to the Democrats I helped to get elected since, as I’ve been told, union workers support and always vote for the Socialist Party; pardon the slip, for the Democratic Party.

Logic dictates that I really didn’t need a truck; what I really did was support union workers so I bought an expensive item that supplied a job that pays a better hourly rate than I get with full medical and retirement benefits, which in turn supplied union fees to help elect folks who can’t stand the capitalist system that provides all the nice things we want to give away to those who refuse to get off their lazy butts while watching Oprah and making babies out of wedlock while pretending to be victims of oppression by the Republicans led by that idiot Bush. Did that about cover my rant?

I’ve got a word or two for the politicians; build the fence and quit talking about how much safer we are now that it’s been approved and monies have been provided for that fence. Build the damn fence, none of the King’s new clothing garbage, build the fence with real cement, real bricks, real barb wire, real electricity to zap those who touch it, and real bullets for those who try to get past it illegally.

This isn’t about being kind and gentle to those seeking to improve a lifestyle that is unavailable in their own country; it’s about securing OUR lifestyle from those who detest and despise us or those who have no concept of having to earn those rights legally. Build the fence means just that, not five years from now, not next year, build it now; yesterday if possible.

My son said we should put land mines in undisclosed areas while we construct the entire fence, not just 700 miles of detour. Wow, that’s a neat idea, something that could be accomplished in a matter of days or weeks. That would make it more interesting too, kind of like those video games where just when the bad guys think they made it through your defenses; Kablam!, blood and guts all over the place. We could have some of those heat seeking laser blasters that pop up out of the ground and only go active when they sense movement or body heat; Zap and Sizzle! So we accidentally blast a few goats or cows, big deal; fajitas anyone? If, per chance, an illegal gets “neutralized”, well, as the young lady in Fried Green Tomatoes said, “The secrets in the sauce.”

The younger generation has some good ideas. Let these young people show us how, give them the tools and get on with the project. Within the month we’ll have the third world thugs at the UN begging us to build the wall; just the wall, please, no land mines or laser blasters!

Here’s the link if you want to read Robert Frost’s poem Mending Wall.

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