Thursday, October 05, 2006

Subtle Snares of Communism

I enjoyed reading an article that Jay posted over at Stop the ACLU today (linked via title bar) Please take a few minutes to read that article to gain a better understanding of the present by visiting the past.

The simple mention of the word Communism is repugnant, or should be, to Americans. Those who would destroy our country from within hide behind the rights afforded all citizens, even traitors. They don’t wear trench coats and hold pitch forks, a convenient filmography ploy used in the old black and white movie days as the FBI went about the task of rounding up those no good saboteurs.

I’m afraid they look like anyone else, no name tag on the front of a shirt, “John Q. Citizen – I’m a Communist”. It’s hard to see them for what they are most of the time, that is until they come out from behind their disguises and announce through their actions and thoughts how much they hate the America that was founded some two hundred years ago.

I love to watch movies, even knowing that they are the product of the untra-left, the Hollywood elite who make a fortune from our capitalist system and then get on their soap box extolling the demise of that same system. One really well made movie comes to mind, “The American President”, with Michael Douglas as the president. I say it was a well made movie; the script was thoughtful, the actors presented a believable performance, the camera work and everything brought the viewers into the story so that at the end of two hours they came away with images that were intended.

Included in the well thought out script was a never ending agenda, an agenda that included anti capitalism in the form of extreme environmental issues regarding fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, flag burning, gun control and confiscation and a quiet little blurb about how important membership should be to all true patriots in the ACLU. I can recall the scene where Michael Douglas is holding up his ACLU card, defending his girl friend/concubine’s right to burn the American Flag as a constitutional right of free speech while hammering his opponent, the hateful conservative, “Why aren’t you a member?” or something close.

The ACLU is not a patriotic group of citizens fighting for the continuation of that America which was fought for two hundred years ago, a country which sought to promote the inherent rights which only God, our Father in Heaven could establish. The ACLU was founded to destroy those concepts and replace them with a different set of state issued entitlements, permission from your neighbors if you will, in order to establish equality through government benevolence rather than achievement by individual effort. The difference is subtle until you compare the authors of each doctrine.

According to the ACLU everyone should have an equal share of the spoils of this planet regardless of individual efforts; often times equating such as natural rights rather than acknowledging the concept of greater rewards based on greater effort. The ACLU has taken an assumed name, one which invokes the idea of patriotism instead of raising a red flag, one that would identify them as the enemy. Why else would they be the American Civil Liberties Union? They must be patriots; there’s that word American right up front.

Quoting directly from Jay’s article:

“Whether today’s ACLU is a communist/socialist organization or not their goals most definitely align with the ideologies of socialism. Regardless of what one label today’s ACLU there are many dangerous positions in practice that have never changed with them. Their unflinching support of abortion, euthanasia,
their strange position on the Second Amendment and their open border policy are just a few examples. They consistently work to thwart the government’s efforts to protect its citizens, undermine America’s sovereignty, and defend America’s enemies. They have defended traitors funding Hamas, the PLO, and confessed Al-Qaeda operatives. All of these seem to support their founder’s goal of abolishing of the State itself.”

We as Christians have been admonished to take care of those in need, to visit the sick and afflicted, to be our brother’s keeper. This is accomplished through voluntary donations, fast offerings, tithes or other benevolent gifts to provide relief to those in need. It was never intended to be accomplished through governmental imposition, forced via taxation, penalty fees and especially not by coercion.

When somebody tells you they want to force everyone to follow their great plan you need to remember that Satan was cast out of Heaven for proposing that same plan. My guess is that he hasn’t given up and has caught the ear of those running the ACLU.

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