Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Gotta’ Have One of These!

Okay, so maybe I don’t gotta’ have one; but I couldn’t help laughing as I saved the picture to my files. There was a list on Yahoo of Stupid Holiday Gifts which included the Hillary Nutcracker complete with stainless steel thighs. I wonder, is there a Bendable Monica, one that fits under a desk, complete with stained blue dress which can’t be found inside the box during impeachment hearings? A gift guaranteed to blow you away!

I send odd gifts to my folks for Christmas; but nothing quite that dumb. I figure my folks could buy anything they needed so they have all they need. Along those lines, they could also have anything they might want; separating the difference between a need and a want. I pick up trinkets that might amuse them to let them know they are always in my thoughts. Every now and then I get lucky and hit on a winner, sometimes I even get one that hits the heart strings; it takes a little effort and a touch of luck, the key is to be looking with your heart.

One year I bought Mom a plastic Godzilla electronic toy, the kind with a button at the base of the ten inch tall monster which, when pushed, created a familiar screeching sound as if from a cheap Saturday afternoon movie clip. Mom used to clean house with the television tuned into to Sci-fi movies, Godzilla and Rodan helped while dusting or putting away folded laundry.

I got Dad a Sammy Sosa action figure to put on his desk several years ago; that was before the corked bat incident. Dad and I took a weekend trip to Chicago one year just to pick up a couple of games at Wrigley Field. Sammy hangs from a lamp on Dad’s desk as a reminder of that trip, a chance to touch the past and enjoy the present.

I wrote about a Nutcracker Ornament I gave my folks many years ago. Gifts are more than packages and wrapping paper; they are a thought process, a process that attempts to touch each other’s soul. As we go about looking for the perfect gift, something that will be a sure fire winner, keep another thought in mind; the importance of how a gift is received far out weighs how much it might be worth in the market place.

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