Thursday, March 10, 2005

Blogger Down

That sounds like something that would have come across my police radio, “Blogger down, any unit in the area clear to respond?” Actually, I wanted to post a blog all morning and the damn thing won’t respond. “Not no way, not no how!”, as they say in the Wizard of OZ.

When I was a kid playing baseball there would be a “momentary window of opportunity”; the sun would be at the perfect angle, the pitcher would be one that I could hit, there were runners on base ready for a chance to advance and I would be in the on deck circle waiting for my chance to break the game wide open. Unfortunately, there were already 2 outs and the guy at the plate hit a feeble pop up to the pitcher and the inning ended; all my potential for being the hero just out of reach. The next inning as I stepped into the batter’s box I noticed that the other team had brought in a real flame thrower and I stuck out; where’s the justice?

I am waiting for Blogger Home page to get back on line, my hot little blog ready to win a Pulitzer or is there such a thing for Bloggers? Maybe I will win the Bullshiter Award, that’s it, a new award ceremony just for Bloggers; everyone wearing brown shoes and geeky sun glasses. I wait in the wings; a “self proclaimed member of the press” identification card stuck in the silk band of my Stetson felt hat; they announce the winner. ( note that the tool for hiding URL's is not working either)

“I accept this award on behalf of all the little people”, gratuitously genuflecting as they read aloud my now famous blog, “Lost Chapter in the life of Walter Mitty (link via title bar) or How I won the Bullshitter Blogging Award.”

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