Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Donation or Tax Demand

To start off, here’s a tip of the hat to Brad the Unrepentant Individual for his
blog “Separate the Wheat from the Chaff” I might not have started today’s blog had it not been for the comment section, which had a familiar leftist vibration from some guy under the alias “dadahead”.

Talk about an attitude problem; “We are FORCING you to be altruistic, so to speak. I know you libertarian/conservative types don’t like that. But too damn bad!” I should walk away and use the line, “That’s interesting”, a truly civilized person with a difference of opinion might draw from experience to extricate himself from a foolish and time wasting bit of chatter. I have not reached that point, at least not yet.

I could go on for quite a while pointing out the difference between making a “donation”, something which comes from the heart first and then the wallet, with “distribution of wealth” which is the process of government reaching into my wallet to tell me how much better I have it and that they will help to correct that problem. If that isn’t a run on sentence; my apologies to all the English teachers who ever had the misfortune of having me in their class, then what is?

My sister, bless her liberal heart, and I have gone around and around on the false notion that if you follow the teachings of Jesus, then it should not be a problem paying taxes to redistribute wealth to those less fortunate. She then reminds me that I “claim” to be a Christian and follows with “But, what Jesus would do?”, attempting to equate the scripture, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s”, with the heavenly doctrine of charity. I have to say, BUNK to that particular argument.

The dear woman, and she is a sweet natured bone head, (did I say bone head, sorry, it must have just slipped out), has not figured out that there is no “Christian Reward”, so to speak, if you are forced to be “generous”. It is the same as giving up your sins, what is known as repentance ( take notes here Brad the Unrepentant ); there is no “giving up” the sin if you do it under duress, only if you willingly turn away from it, never to return. There is a huge difference between folks who have to be held in prison to keep them from committing crimes and those who live outside those prison walls as members of the civilized society and are able to refrain from acts of aggression toward their fellow citizens on their own. My sister can see no difference at all between the money that I willingly give to charity via my church donations and the money that the government takes from me in the form of taxes. I have since avoided the topic, at least with her, so that we might enjoy other less caustic matters.

I suppose there are plenty of “dadaheads” out there who have never been able to understand what I have just explained, “If any man have ears to hear, let him hear”.

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