Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Inalienable Right to Life

Here in Texas when a husband or wife ASSISTS in the expiration of their spouse they are charged with murder and put on trial. In Florida…well, you see where this is going…

RICHMOND - A woman was given a 30-year prison term Tuesday for murdering her quadriplegic husband, whose badly charred body was found in a house fire she is accused of starting. ( read the entire Houston Chronicle article linked via title bar )

The autopsy showed Poche was dead before the fire started and that he likely died either from smothering or strangulation.

… Assistant District Attorney Michael Elliott asked for a life sentence, saying Tara Poche killed a defenseless man.

"How do we protect the next Sterling Poche she may come into contact with? That is your job," Elliott told jurors.

Poche showed no reaction when the verdict was read. However, after the trial Poche sobbed, saying the verdict was wrong and she did not kill her husband.

"I love him and I miss him and I just wish he were still here so he could tell people this is ridiculous. It is not fair, it is not fair," she said.

There is a question begging to be asked of the judges in Florida, all of the judges who failed to protect Terri Shaivo’s “inalienable right to life”. In Texas we send murderer to prison rather than letting them get away with it. The reason, so succinctly worded by District Attorney Elliott, “How do we protect the next Sterling Posche?”. So, your honor, little “h” this time, “How do we protect the next Terri Shiavo, the next …?”

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