Sunday, March 13, 2005

Don’t be Deceived

I have been taught by some of the best, Jim Rohn. Zig Ziglar and Skip Ross dropping a couple of names, to take good notes. If you attend a seminar, take good notes. If you hear a good sermon, take good notes. Your memory will only serve you for a little while and then there will be some parts that you will forget, so take good notes. I often refer to notes that I have taken and surprise myself with the wisdom that has been saved therein; information that would have otherwise been forgotten. I keep a good portion of these notes paper clipped inside the cover of my scriptures, an odd place some of you might think.

I read Kyzylkum’s blog, “Don’t be Fooled by Hillary the Chameleon” which stands as a reminder not to be Deceived. Having a copy of the book, “Rewriting History”, by Dick Morris, has given me a clear view of how carefully and methodically Hillary Clinton has gone about the creation of her “public character”; which would more accurately be her “lack of character”. You will no doubt come to the same conclusion; the deception that has been contrived, Hillary Clinton hopes will permit her to continue as a Senator and then propel her into the presidency in 2008. I don’t think I have said anything that would cause an earthquake so far.

I want to shift into a different gear, elevate your cognizance of “Deception” to a different plain and by so doing keep the promise I made to myself of honoring the Sabbath and keep my blogging efforts within certain boundaries on Sunday. I heard some good talks while attending my Sunday meetings this morning. They all centered on the same topic, a General Conference talk given by Dallin H. Oaks, “Be Not Deceived”. (link via title bar) As I listened to the various points of interest my mind drifted momentarily; thinking of the members of my blogger group, the HCBA and others who might happen to read the blogs that I publish.

These folks, for the most part, are intelligent people who pay close attention to all manner of social events of the day. They comment on the sticking points, things like integrity, honesty, character and core values; mostly in the political nature since that seems to be important in the blogger community. Many of these bloggers come right out and state that they have little or no use for religion or that they are atheists, agnostics or something less than “born again”, ( I can’t believe I put that in there. )

To these intelligent and curious folks I ask, “Have you been Deceived?”. Investigate the question as you would any political blog, any media event such as you would find on CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC or the Wall Street Journal. Have you been deceived into a false sense of self; relying on your intellectual strength without taking heed to the possibility that you have neglected the spiritual aspects of your being? Who is it that has the power to deceive so many good and righteous people? No guessing, this is a legitimate question I ask. Keep in mind the reason I ask is to cause you to ponder the nature of your human state. There is a link to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on the sidebar of my blogsite. I want you to click on it, use the search function that you will find there, then search out the topic, “There is no Devil” under conference talks. You are sharp folks, you can be even sharper with a little effort. Remember, take good notes.

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