Friday, March 18, 2005

Strike Three, You're Out!

I have to wonder about the priorities of our Congress when they spend all their time setting up the cameras and microphones so that they can publicly humiliate baseball players just to make it look like Congress has the public’s interest as an agenda item. While they were pandering for a chance to be in some news media vignette, a few seconds for their constituents, to “save our national pastime, save our kids and…”; excuse me while I put my head in the bucket for a quick barf. I have to agree with the sentiments expressed by Rush Limbaugh, “Is this the purpose of Congress?”

So what could have been done by Congress during the hours they Wasted trying to make themselves look good while attempting to tear down the baseball players. This is a perfect example of something I heard Jim Rohn explaining in one of his seminars. He was teaching the principle of growth, personal or business, it didn’t matter. “Some people…”, I can hear his voice in my head, the words being drawn out for effect, “…some people think that the only way they can look better is to make someone else look bad.” Then he continued, “The problem with that is that while you are tearing down someone else’s building . . .” a deliberate pause while he sets the hammer above the nail, “ That’s right, you no longer are working on your own building.” If you can’t see how this applies to the abuse of congressmen pointing fingers in accusation at baseball players then you need not read any further.

Congress could have been working; should have been working, to secure the basic “right to life” for Terri Schiavo, something that was not important; at least not enough to keep them working into their “Easter break”. Granted, the house passed “their version” and the senate passed “their version”; but what good are either if Terri Schiavo is “permitted to die of starvation” because it wasn’t important enough to work out the details so that a “finished version” could be sent to the president for signature? ( Excuse me, that should be a “Rights of Spring Break” if we are to keep that imaginary wall solid and firm. ) So these congressmen needed a chance to get away from the cares of duty, replenish their minds and bodies and then return to the service of their country. I’m sure that is exactly what Terri Schiavo would prefer to be doing. Instead, her parents are being torn asunder (wow, I always wanted to use that word in a sentence) while waiting for congress to do their job and secure the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that We the People fought a war over 200 years ago, to establish that defining issue. Strike ONE!

Congress could have been working to secure the basic “property rights” of citizens by having hearings on the abuse of Eminent Domain by all manner of governmental representatives from Georgia to Texas. So, Senator Joseph Biden, would you convene a congressional investigation, issue subpoenas to all of those rotten no good so and so’s who have been trampling on individual citizen’s property rights in the name of Eminent Domain? Would you, as you so eloquently stated on Good Morning America, when asked about the use of steroids; would you extend that same interest on something that really does matter? “I think we should make it clear that we think it's a big deal and embarrass the living hell out of these people and hope they begin to act like solid, upstanding people”. Strike TWO!

“The thing about this that's strange is that it looks like there is an agreement of some kind and the players and owners have come to some sort of thing. You've got Canseco's book out there, you've got Canseco and Jason Giambi who have now admitted that this has gone on. So it just strikes me that a bunch of congressmen want to come in at the tail end of the process and get in on the bandwagon, take some credit for what has already been done, make it look like it happened because they want it to happen, and Biden says, "We want to bring them up there, we want to embarrass the living hell out of them." As I said earlier this week, I think baseball ought to have a hearing. I would chair the hearing of baseball players on how Congress has botched a whole bunch of social programs. I mean, wouldn't it be fair to sort of turn the tables? Let's grandstand just to illustrate the point. Illustrate absurdity by being absurd.”, Rush Limbaugh's
closing statement ( linked via title bar) on the absurdity, the gall of having Congressional hearings to publicly humiliate baseball player they suspect have used steroids.

I say, its time to have a hearing to remove Judge Greer from the bench. Somewhere he has placed the issue of “Parental rights VS Husband rights” above that of an individuals “right to life”. Yes, I am well aware of the need to define custody, as it pertains to children, even grown children who cannot speak for themselves. At what point in time does it become important to step in and stop a process that has abandoned basic human rights? I would have to say that judgment, that quality necessary for Judge Greer to accomplish his duties, is missing from his arsenal. Maybe congress could hold that hearing; except that it is out of their area of responsibility; but no more so than holding hearings on ball players who may or may not have used steroids. Strike THREE, YOU”RE OUT!

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