Monday, March 14, 2005

Contempt for the Rule of Law

Senator Edward Kennedy canceled his annual meeting with Sinn Fein set for St. Patrick’s Day. "In a statement, Kennedy spokeswoman Melissa Wagoner cited "the IRA's ongoing criminal activity and contempt for the rule of law" as the reason for Kennedy's decision."

I like the fact that in that one statement from the Kennedy camp, there are two facts brought out; the first being that they believe the IRA is involved in criminal activity and the second being that Kennedy has contempt for the rule of law. Maybe I am reading something into their statement, a Freudian slip or a simple Pavlovian response. In any case, it is true, Edward Kennedy has contempt for the rule of law.

According to sources close to Dan Rather, Senator Kennedy was not quoted as he lifted a glass, “I’ll drink to that!”. He then was not heard offering the local bar maid a ride home over a short span of murky water. He was ladled into his car, reportedly.

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