Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Comment Sections are Way Fun!

I had plenty of time to blog today, business was one step below slow. I had time to read lots of blogs and then comment. I have to admit, that is way fun!

I would never have written a blog about being hearing impaired ;but then Carpe Bonum had a great blog about whether or not it’s a handicap or some kind of ethnicity thing. I’m not deaf; I just can’t hear worth a damn so I wrote about some of my “ethnicity” in his comment section.

Then Aaron, the Roseville Conservative, has some guy giving him some grief about his neat looking over priced Mustang hot rod that guzzles mass quantities of petroleum products. I got a chance to explain about my own curious spending habits in the comment section; way too much fun. It’s a shame it didn’t show up.

You would have enjoyed the way I explained to one of my old Bishop’s that the reason we bought our little green BMW Z3 coupe was for that day when we check our selves into the assisted living center. “We won’t have to buy a motorized wheel chair because our little Z will fit down the halls and looks a lot better.”

Now, not only does he think we bought an expensive car that’s impractical for folks “our age”, now he believes I’m crazy on top of that. I wish the comment section had kept the whole thing. All the same, commenting is way fun!

I almost forgot about the blog that Brad posted to Unrepentant Individual about testing taser weapons on pigs. Zap those little piggies was only part of my comment.

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