Sunday, March 27, 2005

Four Songs

This past week I wrote a blog in which I quoted from an old song, “Is that all there is?”, and then realized it had been so long since I had listened to it that I wasn’t sure of all the lyrics; enough, so that I went to the “iTune” store and looked it up and then purchased it. I listened to it a couple of times and reassured myself that, yes, I had gotten most of it right.

I suppose it might be interesting that I have only purchased four individual songs over a two year period from the “iTune” store. Most of my music comes from a CD that I have already purchased, stored on my computer’s hard drive and then placed onto my iPod device as a convenience. I have several books on tape; The Martian Chronicles, Contact, The Thirty Nine Steps, Rainbow Six and even the Book of Mormon. I have the Beatles to Beethoven with a wide mix in the middle, all full length albums with the exception of the four individual songs that were purchased from iTunes.

My Casey Cason countdown continues as I reveal the other individual purchased songs. I have a Neil Diamond version of “If you go away”, that I wanted to learn how to play on the piano. It turns out I am much better at writing blogs and short stories than I will ever be playing the piano. ( Please; out of courtesy, refrain from posting a comment if you wish to express anything that might indicate that you feel I should stick to piano and leave blogging to the more capable)

The first tune I ever purchased was “Take me on”, which might well be the only tune that “ah-ha” recorded worth the effort. It has a great beat and makes me happy.

The number one song on the list I first heard as the closing credits splashed past at the end of “Finding Forester”. It’s a Calypso version of “Somewhere over the rainbow” played by a Hawaiian, Israel Kamakawiwo-ole. I sure hope he gets paid by the letter. I’ve since heard it in other movies, couldn’t say which at the moment. This is a great tune and I recommend that you go over to iTunes and purchase it as soon as you get a chance. Israel Kamakawiwo-ole has to be compensated for learning how to spell his own name, much less to sing such a beautiful rendition of “Somewhere over the Rainbow.”

I wonder when I will be prompted to buy another single tune, what it might be and what earth shaking development will have taken place. I don’t think I am helping the economy with my single tune purchases.

It’s not that I’m cheap, frugal is a good word. You know those little door view things you install so you can check out who’s on the other side of the front door; the fellow who taught me to be a locksmith accused me of installing one on my refrigerator just so I would be sure that the light bulb was really off when the door closed. He was mistaken, the refrigerator I bought already had one built in.

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