Monday, December 26, 2005

Five Weird Habits

I got tagged by Mark over at Cutting Edge of Ecstasy ( linked via title bar), “not because he thinks I’m weird or anything”, to explain some of the weird habits I may exhibit. I left a comment that I’d take care of the challenge as soon as I was through picking my nose; just about done now.

I don’t know what would be considered weird, kind of a “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” sort of thing. Maybe I should reclassify this and call them “idiosyncrasies which might be on the edge of normal.”

I’ve mentioned this before; but I vent verbal abuses toward drivers on the road who fail to grasp minimal skills. Fortunately for the rest of the civilized world my comments are limited to the confines of my own compartment. I have yet to install a keyboard operated device which will broadcast my observations; “What Planet did you say you were from?”, “The lights green and the accelerator is on the right, yea, that one!” or “Try doing your checkbook at home!”. I don’t know, maybe everyone else yells at these idiots too.

I like to “jack” with folks while working in my capacity as locksmith; possibly a hold over from my police work. While tearing down a steering column to make a key for an ignition switch, with the customer watching in eager anticipation, I will often times grab a nut, a screw or any small part out of my tool box so that at the end of the job I’ll have an extra part. I’ll hold it up and look at it, pull my shoulders together and exclaim, “I have no idea what that’s for; hope everything works okay.” When finishing a job such as replacing a set of lost keys at the airport I explain to the customer, “I’d appreciate a good word to my probation or parole officer, should you get a call later in the week”. I did a lock out for a well to do lady on her town house one evening. I picked the deadbolt in a matter of seconds and she asked, in complimentary fashion for my having been so efficient, “Where’d you learn to do that so quickly?” Without hesitating I told her, “That’s the one of first thing they teach you in prison.”

I have a patch of psoriasis on my knee, been there for years, which I subconsciously will scratch while watching television; often until it bleeds. This is a cyclical thing; scratch and bleed, start to heal, almost healed, itch like crazy followed by scratch and bleed.

I watched the movie, Living with the Enemy, where the husband required perfect symmetry in every mundane household chore; towels lined up perfectly and all the canned goods in the pantry squared face forward with their labels showing; things like that. I fall in the other direction to some degree. I'm fairly content tossing my dirty socks so that they land relatively close to the laundry hamper rather than go through all the extra effort to lift the lid and place these items inside.

Last on my list I suppose I should mention that I dislike backing out into traffic. I would much rather back into my driveway and park so that when I leave I can have a better shot at entering traffic flow in safety. Not much on the “weird-o-meter”, now is it?

That was fun; now who to tag?

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