Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lies The News Media Told Me

This information comes via Dan Melson at Searchlight, who got it from Wizbang. I take no credit for any of the information, just passing it along. I am asking, “Why do we bother listening to big media news outlets; their lies, half truths and ommision of truth intent on distorting the war effort and the current administration’s credibility?”

“So, what is the moral of this story? The military can be inefficient? The intel community is short-sighted? Politicians are stupid? Yes, yes, and yes. But mostly, the moral of this story is that there was and IS WMD in Iraq. And the media could tell this story better then I can. But they don’t want to.” (emphasis added)

Please use the link (provided in the title bar) and read the full story which details facts not being reported, buried not only in the sands of Iraq; but more importantly, buried by the news media.

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