Friday, December 09, 2005

It Slid on Ice, Duh!!!!

I heard where the little black boxes and data recorders had been “found” and then sent off to Washington on that Southwest Airlines jet that slid off the runway and collided with vehicular traffic on the street outside of Midway Airport in Chicago. I then read an update, courtesy of, ( linked in title bar) maybe I am the only one scratching my head.

“Ellen Engleman Conners, board member and former chair of the NTSB, said the plane was damaged in the crash, and the initial survey of what happened could take a couple of days. The plane would remain at the place where it crashed until at least Saturday, and possibly as long as Sunday, she said.

She added that the full investigation could take a year or more.”

Excuse me! Did she just say it could take a year or more to determine that ice on a runway might have caused a plane to skid off that runway; that it might take a year or more to figure that ice is slippery. Tell her to watch the opening scene from “True Lies” where the spy van is going sideways on the iced roads. God help us on something a little more complex. Here’s a life saving clue for them, when you turn on the stove, that orange coil thingie is very hot; don’t touch it or it will burn your fingers.

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