Thursday, December 22, 2005

Template Updated 122205

My daughter worked to update my template as you may have noticed. I had her insert the ”Never Forget” link, something I’ve wanted to have ever since I saw it on another blog. I also had her add some kind of sign up logo; why, I have no idea. She told me I should have it so I did it. If you want to click on the sign up button, please do it with the understanding that I have no clue as to what it does, blame Bonnie if you start getting cryptic email from Croatia.

Last but not least, I attempted to add some music software so that I could insert MP3 tunes into my blogs. Nyet, nada and zip; nothing I tried ( read that to mean nothing Bonnie tried ) would work. I will work on that more later since I have signed up with one of the sites and it may only be a matter of finding which format is better.

I heard a good line the other day while attending my meetings at church. We have no paid ministry and all positions are filled with volunteers; from Bishop to Sunday School teacher, everyone does there best to accomplish their calling. K.K Ellis said one time, “Any calling worth doing is worth doing wrong…until they learn to do it better” I thought that might be worth using in the job market as well. Not too many folks enter their respective position at full efficiency, learning the tricks of the trade along the way until eventually it may appear that they actually know what they are doing.

I’ve been performing as a journeyman locksmith for almost 30 years, every now and again I get one right. I heard it said that about the only thing more fun than watching someone who really knows what they’re doing is to watch someone who hasn’t got a clue. Think about that for a moment and then think back to when you first started working on a new job, you can laugh, it’s okay to laugh now.

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