Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Now I know what that tear was for...

I grew up watching the now famous environmental public service advertisement. Engrained in my memory is the image of Chief Iron Eyes Cody, a once proud Indian with a tear running down his cheek, presumably because the modern world had polluted his rivers, lakes and skies; a smoke stack belching out a plume of black behind him. Now that I have been around a little longer, maybe that tear running down his cheek was to remind us of rights we have lost; private property threatened by eminent domain abuse, right to life instead of abortion or court ordered starvation and the pursuit of happiness without licensed permission from each level of government.

I was thinking about some of the more important stories that have surfaced over the past year or so. Those that come to mind first would make most of us cry; the Terri Schivo right to life case, Kelo Vs. New London property rights case and I add to that the State of Texas licensing of businesses in order to tax and control, by way of user fees, what used to be a free market. You may have guessed, I was recently reminded of that thumb pressing on my head. (link in title bar)

For an historic perspective ( link below ), Iron Eyes Cody was the offspring of Sicilian ancestry according to birth records, born Espera DeCorti. Perhaps he should have been the one collecting for the State of Texas instead of being used as the poster boy for pollution.
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