Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Now Pitching for Florida State Prison Jeff Reardon

Cops have a strange sense of humor, even the retired ones. I was reading an AP story out of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, that had been posted on the Houston Chronicle web page. ( Linked via title bar )

“Jeff Reardon, one of the top relief pitchers in history, blamed medication for depression after his arrest for a jewelry store robbery.”

I can see the robbery detectives putting together a spread of photos for the victim to look at, a “line up” if you will. “Okay, Sir, do you see the person who robbed you in any of these?”

I get a kick out of reading Cerberus, another cop who writes a good blog when it comes to police work. He wrote a piece a while back indicating that he had some fun while documenting a photo spread that had been used to identify a suspect. There are very specific rules which have to be followed in order to keep on the “up and up”; you can’t have a picture of a black suspect thrown in with a bunch of white guys, all the “suspects” have to have an overall similar appearance, mustaches, beards and things like that. Cerberus had completed a proper photo spread which he’d shown to the witness and after that, prior to taking the evidence to the DA to put in the file folder prior to going to court, Cerberus had attached little arrows all around the suspects picture to get a rise out of the DA.

I guess Jeff Reardon’s next uniform will have stripes on it, and a number too. If it’s his first time pitching in the prison system; would that make him a rookie?
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