Thursday, December 15, 2005

Senate Majority Leader’s Survey

I got my annual Republican Party Donation Form, the one they call the Senate Majority Leader’s Survey. I filled in the blanks and made little comments along the side, “loaded question”, “poorly worded question” or just plain “crap”. Some of the information might be valuable, that is if I am to believe the intent is to accurately record my views; something which I am doubtful of.

The first question was a request to rank in order of importance from 1 – 8, the issues you would like President Bush and the Republican Party to focus on this year. My opinion would begin with removing all but 3 of the items at which point the word “focus” might become useful. National and Homeland Security was my number 1 pick, followed closely by Immigration which I consider to be one and the same and then last on my list was Energy Policy and Environment. All the others I listed as 8’s; Values Issues, Economic Growth, Job Creation and Federal Budget (all lumped as one), Litigation Reform, Social Security and Healthcare (lumped as one) and Education.

Focus on making the borders safe, build a brick wall with barbwire the length of it both north and south. Station guards along that border, use the folks sitting on their butts collecting welfare if you have to; but have Americans watching the border and keep those out who would do us harm either by terrorism or by robbing our welfare system of money intended for Americans. Immigration is a fine thing as long as those coming in wish to become incorporated into the American lifestyle, dreams of self sufficiency and allegiance to America only. All the rest can go somewhere else. The energy policy should have been separated from the environmental policy even though they cross paths.

The first thing to do would be to shoot all the extremist environmentalists, those who would have us living in caves with none of the modern conveniences which require the use of electricity, gasoline or other forms of power. Let those who are capable of producing refined oil products build cost efficient refineries and distribution facilities to match up with present demands and that of the future. Take away the Lilliputian hoops, fences and other obstacles placed in their way by the environmental wacko community intent on killing off the capitalistic rewards system that used to be in place. Remove the environmental issues, which for the most part are based on junk science and promoted to move our country closer to a socialistic rather than a capitalistic form of enterprise and government.

Skipping down a bit, there was a question so poorly worded as to make it irrelevant: “Should the United States continue its current approach to dealing with the threats posed by Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programs?” The answer to that question is, “No”. The current approach lacks any teeth and promotes the idea that the United States is spineless and will permit cockroaches and other tyrannical forms of third world countries to pretend that they are invited to the world’s civilized dinner table. It’s time to pull a Ronald Reagan, for lack of a better means of describing the “call their bluff” attitude used to back down the former USSR when he proclaimed his demands at the Brandenburg Gate, West Berlin, Germany on. June 12, 1987, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

The United States, even with the spineless wimps we call the Senate, should understand that power is only good when used with resolve to complete that which needs to be done. The political football season should end when the survival of civilized society has been threatened by the little tyrants that run countries such as Iran, Syria and North Korea. Take them out and worry about the consequences from the USSR and China later; call their bluff or let’s get it on with them now before they have built up sufficient arms to match our own.

I liked the question, “Should the United States accelerate the training of Iraqi security forces no matter what the cost?” The question is spoken like a true elected official; as if there is an endless money train headed for Washington every hour to furnish their insane spending habits.

Skipping down some more: “Should we reduce spending for programs like education, research, FBI, Coast Guard, Customs Service, Housing and Transportation to balance the budget?” I think I have found one of the problems in Washington; that being that there is no differentiation between what goes in via the mouth and what comes out the other end. Each one of these programs has a different value assigned to it and yet they are all lumped together. Try this on for size, Increase the Coast Guard and Customs Service budget until the borders are sufficiently secure, leave the FBI and Transportation as is, and eliminate the Housing business since they are systems for wealth redistribution, eliminate money spent at the Federal level for education and research completely as that should be a local issue at best.

Should we establish a constitutional amendment for a balanced budget? Here’s another loaded question, yes, our elected officers should understand that you shouldn’t spend more than you have; while at the same time these are the same folks who still believe that the Easter Bunny brings chocolate eggs, the Tooth Fairy leaves a billion dollars under the pillow for a lost tooth, and Santa makes up the rest with magic dust.

Do you believe we are spending enough to combat domestic and global HIV/AIDS? I think it’s remarkable that a country that clearly states that it wants nothing to do with God or in following the Ten Commandments would contemplate such a stupid question. If you kept your zipper closed except when you were at home with the person to whom you were married, that being a person of the opposite sex, for a lifetime commitment with no adventures outside of those promises made when that marriage was established; 99% of the HIV/AIDS issue would never have occurred. You can fool yourselves into believing that “anything goes” because we are a land of the free, that we can do anything we want, then you must also accept that there are natural consequences for such actions, some of which spill over and affect the rest of society. Diseases of the mind such as pornography are destroying as much as diseases of the flesh. This remark is not intended to be judgmental or to castigate a large portion of a depraved society; it simply is a matter of fact.

Should we renegotiate the Kyoto Treaty? Pure crap science has turned the world on its ear. The Kyoto treaty should have been tossed in the trash along with all those grants issued to self fulfilling prophecies of global warming based on insufficient data of dubious origin.

I will print this out and send it back to Senator Bill Frist and the Republican Party, much as I did with the last survey form/fund raiser form they sent me. I got no response back on that one; don’t figure much will change with this one. As for my hard earned money being sent back with this form, dream on and look under your pillow in the morning.


T. F. Stern

This is my entry to the next Carnival of Liberty which will be hosted by Dan at Searchlight.

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