Wednesday, December 07, 2005

PSB- 5 Form

I got an automated mailing from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Bureau today. They wanted to remind me that sometime in the next 2 – 3 months that my compulsory business insurance policy expires. This group of folks have taken over the locksmith industry; purely as a means to protect the unsuspecting public from rogue locksmiths avoiding the payment of yearly fees to the State of Texas, it has nothing to do with the collection of fees from hard working honest business owners and operators.

I wrote my sentiments about the hijacking of the locksmith industry in an article I titled, “Business Licenses – Jump for Joy” and posted it back on March 12, 2005. ( linked via the title bar ) Each time I renew my mandatory business license I have to clench my teeth to keep some of those expletives from escaping my lips; damn, that doesn’t seem to work either.

I recognize that my right to earn a living, something that used to be covered as an inalianable right as found in the Declaration of Independence, my right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, my right to earn a living now is dependent on paying strict attention to each Lillaputian notice that the licensing branch of the State of Texas sends to those who intend to continue to business. I am aware of the need to have insurance to cover my business, something I’d done long before the State of Texas made it mandatory. Why is that I feel the presence of a large hand pushing my nose into a pile of dog excrement just to make sure I know that they are omnipresent in my affairs? Why is that?

“According to our records, the Certificate of Insurance currently on file with the Department of Public Safety, Private Security Bureau will expire in 60-090 days. This is your official notification that proof of liability insurance must be submitted no later than the date of expiration. You may obtain the Insurance Certificate Form (PSB-5) on our website . If you fail to provide proof of proper insurance coverage, the company license will be suspended in accordance with Section 1702.14 of the Texas Occupations Code. ( emphasis added )

Note: At the time of your renewal, please provide your agent with the Insurance Renewal Notice and a copy of the Insurance Certificate Form (PSB-5). A certificate of insurance must be submitted on a PSB-5 form or it will not be accepted for further processing.”

I see this as nothing less than a direct threat, extortion if you will, by my own state government. Why don’t they simply go door to door picking up white envelopes; isn’t that how the Mafia has done it for years with their protection racket? When did we loose the market place to a bunch of pirates? How much longer will good citizens put up with these bullies? Election Day is coming and I expect to lean heavily on anyone interested in my vote. Do you hear me Governor Perry, you miserable …? ( I had to strike that last part.) You signed this piece of shit legislation into law. You caved into the Alarm Protection Racket, I mean, the Alarm Security Industry and their under the table PAC tactics. I have to close; some of those expletives are surfacing again.

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