Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Autumn on Autumnbrook Drive

We’ve been getting the house ready here on Autumnbrook for Thanksgiving where our family and several of our friends will have a chance to enjoy a great meal and visit this Thursday. We’ll take a picture of the Stern Kids and Grandkids for posting, something of a tradition to document each year. I hope they notice how clean the chandeliers are with the crystals bouncing all manner of prisms off their squeaky clean surfaces; that was one of my jobs. I cheated on the one in the kitchen nook where I figured out how to place most of the glass into the dishwasher and let it do the hard work; all I had to do was put it all back together when it was clean.

I visited Sliding Through Life the other day where she’d posted several photographs of the fall colors in the Tennessee area. This afternoon as a light rain fell, the clouds nearly caught in the trees of my back yard; I decided to share a bit of the season here in Houston. The temperature is in the mid 70’s with a mist of light rain making for a perfect afternoon to be inside cleaning. I did the bathtub last night and nearly choked on the Clorox fumes used to get rid of the stuff that grows in the grout and corner seal material. It shines pretty good, enough so that anyone going in there won’t mistake it for a gasoline station restroom. The Hibiscus is full of buds ready to break out in awesome red blossoms any day, hopefully by Thanksgiving Day. Our mild winters permit the Philodendron next to the garage to flourish; but on rare occasion we’ve had to haul it inside to protect it from a hard freeze, every fourth year or so.

I have Scheherazade playing on iTunes; wonder if that’s Freudian, my having posted a picture of the Kama Sutra book cover on my last article? I downloaded the sounds my wind chimes make into iTunes, the sounds they make when the breezes blow through the port between the garage and my house. We have two sets, one with base tones that reverberate long after having been struck and the other with tenor tones. I hope my neighbors enjoy them as much as we do. I tried once before to include those sounds as part of my blog; but never could make that function work. The links provided will take you to a website where you can listen to each and give you a good idea of what they sound like, not being certain that these are exactly the same; close enough for most ears.

Please remember to thank your Father in Heaven for the many blessings we have here in our little corner of the world; not forgetting the many challenges that go along with those blessings. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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