Thursday, November 15, 2007

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Response

I sent the below letter back to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in the envelope intended to hold a check; but, since I had to supply my own stamp I saw no harm in that. The letter will get tossed in the trash once it becomes clear that no money accompanied it anyway.

On the off chance that you get the impression that I hold the Democratic Party to a higher standard than the Republican Party, I wish to make it clear that I find both parties sorely lacking in those qualities necessary to guide the United States of America. You will find a similar response I sent to the
Republican Party in April of 2005.

The aristocracy which these so called representatives have created for themselves, their utter disregard for the opinions of those who have elected them to office speaks much more than the fund raiser letters which arrive each year declaring their undivided loyalty as long as I send them a minimum donation of $25, $50, $100 or higher.

November 15, 2007

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
430 South Capital Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

Rep. Chris Van Hollen
DCCC Chairman

Dear Sir,

My wife received a letter from your office requesting funds to “overcome President Bush’s misguided and stubborn resistance to our ideals and policies”. Some of the items were listed; strengthened House ethics rules, repealing billions in oil industry tax breaks, lowering student loan interest rates, reducing prescription costs for people on Medicare, funding stem-cell research, raising minimum wages and holding the Bush Administration accountable for its disastrous policies on the war in Iraq. I think that about covered what was in the letter.

It went on, “despite public support for these initiatives, President Bush is vetoing key parts of our agenda…” Thank God for the Presidential Veto is all I can say to the disastrous policies that the Democratic Party would have implemented and continues to attempt to implement.

Your double standards on enforcement of ethics is beyond my ability to express with words as a certain well known legislator from Louisiana continues to remain active after having been caught red handed with bribe money, money that he had hidden away in his freezer; but he’s a Democrat so it can be overlooked.

You sound so righteous as you go after the big oil companies and their tax breaks; but what about the Lilliputian jump ropes, hoops and fences that must be straddled by these oil companies in order to drill for oil or refine that oil into gasoline. Maybe you haven’t noticed the price of gasoline doubled and continues to rise almost daily because oil companies can’t keep up with demand; and why is that, because they can’t skip your rope, jump through your hoops or straddle the fences erected by the Democrats in order to build new refineries. We have oil to spare in areas of our own country; but we won’t let our oil companies drill, instead we’d rather pay for foreign oil from those who could even be considered our enemies.

You have decided that stem-cell research is a national commitment, similar to the national commitment on making abortion available to anyone who desires one. Aside from the moral issues that could be drawn out for pages upon pages; what gives Congress the authority to use public funds for any of the “feel good” give away programs? The answer is simple, Congress never has had the authority to use public monies in this manner, at least the Constitution has never given Congress such powers.

The Constitution, for those who may never have heard of the document, is supposed to be a set of rules which define what government may and may not do; but those elected to sit in Washington have been ignoring the Constitution for so long as to relegate it into the dust bin, along with common sense, honor, dignity, truthfulness and character.

You brought up the war in Iraq, as if it was a slam dunk, no doubt about it the public has spoken kind of issue. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi continue to speak, out of turn mind you, as if the United States of America has no business defending itself from Islamic Terrorism which happens to use the Middle East as its stronghold. You may wish to hide your heads in the sand, please don’t expect the thinking public to follow suit.

I do not claim to be a war strategist; quite simply I do not have the necessary information to make an informed strategy. I must rely on those in the know, specifically the President, his advisors and the military. I have long since quit relying on the news media and Democratic Congress to be truthful on a wide range of topics, the war in Iraq heading the list at the present time. The Democratic Party has invested itself on the premise that the United States of America must loose the war, regardless of the price. That price includes abandoning the people of Iraq who have found a glimpse of Democracy and freedom. That price includes permitting al Queda to regroup and return to power as they continue to promise and threaten to destroy Israel and Western Civilizations which do not bow to their religion of death and hate. That price includes more than I am willing to pay, more than the American public is willing to pay; we must win regardless of how long it takes, there is no reasoning with terrorists.

I will do everything in my power to defeat the policies presented by the Democratic Party, a party which at one time had honorable men; but which has turned into the American version of the Socialist Party. You cannot even be honest with the public about your agenda, an agenda which provides for a totally socialistic way of life. My taxes have gone through the roof to help fund entitlement programs, my taxes have been used to pay for pork barrel spending which a reasonable thinking person would never spend a nickel on, much less millions or billions. You have the nerve to ask for voluntary donations; all the while you and the Democratic congress are robbing me blind. No, I don’t think I will send any money to help your cause; I gave at the office.

T F Stern

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