Monday, November 26, 2007

Temples of Damanhur

What, you never heard of the “Temples of Damanhur”? Join the rest of the world, that is until recently these jewels of workmanship have been hidden away from public view in valley of Valchiusella, near the ancient city of Turin, Italy. These are not the remnants of an ancient civilization; but a modern work stemming from the vision of one man, Oberto Airaudi, who prefers to be called Falco.

“My goal was to recreate the temples from my visions,” he says.

“They are to remind people that we are all capable of much more than we realize and that hidden treasures can be found within every one of us once you know how to access them,’ says Falco.”

I stumbled across an article, “Wow!”, posted on Rhymes with Right this morning, having never heard of the Temples of Damahur before. Gregg had linked with the Daily Mail which is where I got a good bit of information as supplied here. I admit to having fallen off the turnip truck on this one. I then searched the Internet and found several interesting sites, some with books and additional photography, some with souvenirs which can be purchased.

The best of all the sites I visited has a schematic drawing of the three dimensional geographical layout of the entire complex along with some phenomenal photographs of the artwork and architecture. You can click on the individual Temple rooms and enjoy a private tour. Take some time to visit this, “Eighth Wonder of the World”, as it has been called by some who’ve viewed this work in progress.

Just as a thought, a “what if” kind of thought, a thousand years from now an archeologist stumbles upon the Temples of Damanhur; what false conclusions might he/she come away with? Just a thought as I recall the park service attempting to explain various structures built by ancient civilizations and the assumptions that were proposed as for the purpose of each item, room and what kind of people built them, what religious significance and so on…

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