Friday, November 23, 2007

Just an Old Newspaper in a Desk Drawer

Bonnie was looking for something in one of the drawers of our old desk. At one time we could hide candy from our grandkids; but that lasted about as long as a game of hide and seek, oh well. The drawer has been used for quite some time to save important front page headline copy over the years.

The desk was given to us by my folks and has front page articles about the end of WWII, the landing on the Moon, and then there were some on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. With Thanksgiving being yesterday the date slipped past without much of a thought at all.

This afternoon we read about the visit to Houston, the day before his fateful trip to Dallas. There had been political talk circulating on how if things got tough JFK might not include Johnson on the ticket; huh, guess that would have been a different footnote in the history books.

I’ll leave you with this partial scan from a long since defunct newspaper, The Houston Press. The quality of the picture isn’t that great; but the date is clear enough and the superimposed image was haunting.

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