Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Annual Stern Children Photo 2007

It has become a tradition to have my children sit together for a group photograph each Thanksgiving after dinner. You can take a peek at last year’s in 2006, then the year before in 2005.

Lucy showed Jocelyne the pictures, pointing to a very small baby. “Daddy’s holding the baby!” Jocelyne wasn’t sure how to take it as Lucy explained that “the baby” was Jocelyne. The house looks wonderful and I wonder how long we can keep it this way; knowing full well how we tend to leave things until they get in the way and have to be moved.

This is a one year anniversary for the wood flooring that was installed the week before Thanksgiving; actually it was right up to the finish line, so to speak. We ended up moving furniture back on that morning so the house would be more useable. This year we were able to spend more time cleaning and I must say, I like what we did, wow!

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