Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cryptodeletion Conspiracy Theory

I watched the movie, Conspiracy Theory, with Mel Gibson and was drawn in by a character who lived in a very scary world where every event was connected to an all out effort, a Conspiracy by Them and They. I felt sorry for the deranged and traumatized individual running around the city, his mind having been chemically altered through government experiments intended to turn him into a controlled assassin. At no time was he ever certain of his reality, his mind being a toss salad of perceived events leading him to suspect the most mundane; often with uncanny results.

Oh, My Gosh! They and Them have silenced my blog. I went to check on the availability of information on the subject by other bloggers after having posted my article Crytodeletion only minutes ago. I Googled the word Crytodeletion and nothing came up, not my article or the one which I knew had been posted by Never Yet Melted, the one I’d linked with.

I’m hearing the melodramatic sounds employed on the Kraft Mystery Radio Show, that whirring Sci-Fi generated noise that implies skullduggery which can only mean They or Them are blocking my blogs on a minute to minute basis. I need to go to the bathroom but I’m afraid. Quick, climb on the roof, crawl around under the shade of the large oak tree where visibility is limited and crawl through the window on the other side of the house so They and Them can’t track my “movements”.

They're coming to take me away,

Haha, they're coming to take me away,

Ho ho, hee hee, ha ha,

To the funny farm

Where Life is Beautiful all the time

And I'll be happy to see

Those Nice Young Men

In their Clean White Coats

And they're coming to take me


I wonder how many of you remember that kooky song, They're coming to take me away, Ha-haaa!, from the late 60’s or early 70’s? Is that a black ops helicopter hovering over my house as I write or just the heater fan kicking in? I’d play it for you except it was removed from my iTunes files. See, I told you!

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