Saturday, November 03, 2007

Entry 908

I noticed when I posted my last blog entry that the next would be number 908; a special number for me, my police badge number. I figured I should write something police related in honor of my retired badge. I haven’t worn the badge since retiring in 1992 and yet when a digital clock displays my number I pause momentarily and smile, “Hey, it’s 908”

There was a fellow in my beat, couldn’t tell you his name off hand, who never called me by name. He would always greet me with a smile, “Hey, it’s 908”. I had plenty of good memories to go along with the ugly ones; it’s all attitude.

When I was training rookies on night shift I’d hand them a couple of pages worth of instructions the first night. There would be a list of the main streets in our area, a check list of things to do before leaving the station and things like that. I went back into my files and found a copy; most of it is pretty dry so I won’t place it here, old training report scenarios I’d give them to practice filling out report forms and map exercises that got them thinking about how to get around in a hurry if needed.

I did find something worth sharing; hope this is still being taught to each and every police officer. Have a reason for everything you do, one that can be explained to your supervisor or the Grand Jury later on if things get ugly.

REASONS are sometimes called:
State Penal Code
City Ordinances
Traffic Laws
Department Policy & Procedures
Use of Common Sense
Good Judgment

REASONS do not include:
I don't know why I did it.
I saw it on T.V.
It felt good.
Why not.

It must be time to post this article; the digital clock just hit 908.

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