Friday, March 27, 2009

All the way to the Supreme Court?

Here’s a tip of the cap to for reminding me of a case set to go before the Men in Black; still shaking my head when I read the information supplied. The case going all the way to the Supreme Court has to do with a young school girl having been strip searched because the administration was fearful that she had brought prescription strength ibuprofen to school.

“The New York Times says the case will require Supreme Court justices to consider the "thorny question" of just how much leeway school officials should have in policing zero-tolerance policies for drugs and violence.”


“"But the fact is, whenever they do these strip searches -- in this case to a 13-year-old in the eighth grade -- and literally do a very humiliating body-cavity search, or something akin to that, it seems to cross the line to go into areas where school officials should be regulated by the Constitution," he states.”

Doesn’t this pretty much answer its own questions regarding policies which include the thought process, scratch that; policies which include the lack of a thought process by having Zero Tolerance as the guiding force? I’ll go a step further and ask the question, why has this case gotten all the way to the Supreme Court?

The 9th Circus Court actually ruled properly; the Constitutional rights of the young girl were violated by the school district. The administration refused to accept having been put in their place and have pushed it along with bags and bags of taxpayer money to throw around on ridiculous law suits. These school administrators appear to be blinded by their own lust, perhaps a poorly chosen word under the circumstances; their own cankered and distorted view of authority over those in the prison system they call public schools.

That doesn’t say much about the sanity, integrity or stability of the folks along the way who have heard the many presentations which at one point must have had at least one reference to something once called “common sense” or “legitimacy”. I’d bet their history curriculum doesn’t teach American History, Tea Parties, and certainly nothing about individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Well, dang me for bringing up a dead horse like common sense. I’d forgotten how it was buried years ago; my apologies for even considering that such an approach to real life situations might have avoided this entire incident.

Submitted for your perusal , (You should hear the voice of Rod Serling’s dry invitation to ponder that which is presented through the senses, distorted in time and space accompanied by deep and foreboding background orchestration ) in the stark reality displayed through the purity of a black and white television, a society in which individual liberties have been exchanged for the false promise of perpetual safety. Here is a utopian landscape of the imagination which can only be obtained through total subjugation without regard for compassion, dignity or even legitimacy. This evening’s performance should awaken your faculties of the dangers when thinking is replaced by zero tolerance policies. I give you, “Strip Search”. You are about to enter… The Twighlight Zone .

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