Thursday, March 26, 2009

Universal Health Care

No, we don’t need Universal Health Care or what ever the “progressives” wish to call the all inclusive mandated medical coverage for everyone. What we need is to enforce the laws in such a way as to leave health care as a viable and affordable service for citizens who live here legally; that means closing the borders and then finding the illegal aliens and send them packing, that includes the so called “anchor babies”.

Not so long ago I took an ambulance ride, a nine mile trip to the emergency room. The bill for this service was $ 1,100.00, which included my $ 100.00 deductable; insurance paid the rest, paid it without contesting the amount. “Insurance paid the rest” means we all pitched in a portion of our money because that’s how it works; it wasn’t “like, free man”. Why so much; recognizing the advanced equipment and quality personnel who did a fine job of getting me to the hospital alive?

After having seen the bill which came in the mail a month later, I made it a point to call and thank them for doing a great job. I then explained how, in the year prior to my medical emergency, I’d booked round trip air fair from Houston to West Palm Beach, considerably more than the nine mile jaunt to the E/R. “For those living in Rio Linda”, as a well known radio talk show host likes to say, round trip means I took off in Houston, landed in West Palm Beach and on a later date took off from West Palm Beach and returned to Houston. The total bill for the round trip air service, which included a meal in both directions came to right at $ 200.00 because I took advantage of an empty seat which would not have been used had I not filled it at the last minute.

You and I both know the answer; that $ 1,100.00 ambulance bill included many “free” ambulance rides taken by folks who could not pay, many of them illegal aliens. Ambulance companies, much like emergency rooms, are not in a position to turn away those in need and the cost of business must eventually be reckoned with or the next time you call for an ambulance you’ll have to settle for Yellow Cab or maybe the Metro Bus because there won’t be any ambulances left in service.

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