Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The G Spot of all G Spots

No, this not going to be “R” rated, unless the “R” stands for religious. FoxNews wants us all to know we all have a “God Spot” according to a report published in the U.S. Journal of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Jordan Grafman and his colleagues.

“A team of U.S. researchers has obtained strong evidence that religiosity is managed by the same parts of the brain that are used every day to interpret other people’s moods and intentions and to analyze experiences.”

“Moreover, the spots exist in the brains of ordinary people, not just those whose extraordinary religious experiences have been triggered by brain injury or neurological conditions like epilepsy.”

Did you catch that interesting twist which puts religious experiences and brain injury together? This would explain how the “progressives”, call them the liberal left, the godless or whatever; this is how they view the poor unfortunate souls who have to live with the burden of religious disease. You think I’m going off on one of my sarcastic rants; well, not so this time.

“Britain's controversial evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins contends that religion is essentially a cultural virus, spread from brain to brain.”

A little further down this news article I found other tid bits which would fit with the over all assumption that folks with religion might be suffering from delusions rather than actual experiences with deity.

“According to University of NSW evolutionary biologist Rob Brooks, the study shows that religion taps into existing parts of the brain that evolved to handle complex social interactions.”

“"It exploits existing parts of our brain," Associate Professor Brooks suggested.”

The choice of the word “exploits” in the sentence, “It exploits existing parts of our brain,”, exploits? Which meaning of exploit; to take selfish or unfair advantage or a person or situation, usually for personal gain or to simply use or develop something in order to gain a benefit?

Words have colors or hues attached to them, either by design or subconsciously fixed through years of casual association. Personally, the word exploit connotes something less than honorable, devious or even pernicious; then again I’m one of those brain damaged souls who believe in God and this is only my defensive reaction to what I perceive as an attack on the crutch used to maintain my sorry excuse of existence. I expect to fall down on the floor in uncontrollable jerking fits any moment; quick call a scientist to absolve me from the sins I’ve committed.
I came up with my own “conspiracy theory” after reading the articles. Use of the word “evolution” was laced throughout; a regular diet of phrases such as, “the brain’s evolution” or the “brain evolved” sort of makes you come to the conclusion that the information might have been slanted, at least to some degree by folks who support evolutionary theory and just might have a rigid attitude against anything associated with Intelligent Design , God or Religion. Remember that line, “…religion is essentially a cultural virus, spread from brain to brain.”; biologist Richard Dawkins isn’t by himself and has a whole bunch of similar thinking folks in his corner.

This scientific fact finding study on the brain which had to do with religion was conducted by a portion of society which does not believe in God and thinks religion is essentially a cultural virus; wouldn’t that seem rather pre-destined to a particular outcome? Forgive the use of the word pre-destined as such terms tend to annoy clear thinking scientific folks. “Okay, we got that paper out of the way; let’s move on to something worthy of our efforts. How about spending gobs and gobs of the taxpayer’s money on a new study, “the sexual habits of flat worms”? It will be much more satisfying and take at least 5 years to complete. We should all have enough to retire by then.”

How's this for a thought; scientific findings or results will match the theory regardless of the lack of scientific methods used to obtain them; isn’t that how “modern scientific consensus” works? This abuse of real science, having been switched with its evil twin, the one called “scientific consensus” gets a rubber stamp of approval by the progressives, or more accurately, the godless who would have everyone drink their Kool-aid.

Evolutionism is not science; it more closely falls into the category of a religion complete with Priests, Bishops and High Priests. So why were Priests from the religion of Evolutionism doing the brain study when it more properly should have been some other religious order, say Lutherans or Episcopalian Priests dressed in fancy white lab coats? It would seem more probable that the Lutherans or Episcopalians would recognize the God Spot; are we having fun yet?

These are the same reasons why the religion of Global Warming is able to survive in spite of the shabby so called scientific studies and intentional distortion of data used to further their agenda, one which either inhibits industrial growth in the free market system or which destroys it entirely. The High Priest of Global Warming, Algore, has decreed and handed down the tablets; I think Carbon Footprint was listed as the second violation of the 10, right after Greenhouse Gas.

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