Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Communism - Have We Been Sufficiently Warned?

I heard Ezra Taft Benson’s warning, a recorded excerpt from his talk given at Brigham Young University back in 1966, “Our Immediate Responsibility” . If you don’t like the fact that Ezra Taft Benson happened to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, “those Mormons” as many folks deride my faith in unflattering tones, perhaps listening to his comments, remembering him instead as former Secretary of Agriculture under the Eisenhower administration will lend his words credence.

Please take the time to go over the material, read the entire talk and tell me our nation isn’t in serious trouble; we are at the brink and with the leadership we’ve had over the past several years, to include both sides of the isle and every president with the exception of Ronald Reagan, we are running head long into the abyss of communism. Here are some of the tidbits you might wish to read:

“No greater immediate responsibility rests upon the members of the church, upon all citizens of this republic and of neighboring republics than to protect the freedom vouchsafed by the Constitution of the United States.”

“In the days of the Prophet Noah, men had no greater immediate responsibility than to repent and board the Ark. Now in our day, the day of the Prophet David O. McKay, he has said that we have no greater immediate responsibility than to protect the freedom vouchsafed by the Constitution of the United States.” (You don’t have to accept the fact that David O. McKay was a Prophet to understand the importance of this message, get over it.)

“President McKay has said that the Supreme Court is leading this nation down the road to atheism. (Newquist, op. cit., p. 187) Not only is the court leading this nation down the road to atheism, but in one tragic decision after another they are leading us down the road to communism. One such decision caused Dorthy Healey, Communist spokesman for the West Coast, to rejoice in these words, quote, “This is the greatest victory the Communist party ever had,” unquote. The communists have held victory rallies to honor the Supreme Court and its decisions. The Book of Mormon tells us what corrupt judges can do to freedom.”

“I warn you, unless we wake up soon and do something about the Conspiracy the Communist-inspired civil rights riots of the past will pale into insignificance compared to the bloodshed and destruction that lie ahead in the near future.”

“God provided that in this land of liberty, our political allegiance shall run not to individuals, that is, to government officials… the only allegiant we owe as citizens or denizens of the United States, runs to our inspired Constitution which God Himself set up.”

Should I continue; mind you I’m skipping lots of good stuff that was in the talk; well, since you twisted my arm…

“Jefferson warned that we should not talk about confidence in men but that we should inhibit their power through the Constitution. In the meantime, we pray for our leaders as we have always been counseled to do.”

“I believe that only through a truly educated citizenry can the ideals that inspired the Founding Fathers of our nation be preserved and perpetuated.”

Do you remember the interviews given to folks as we entered the last presidential elections? Kind of makes that last quote run shivers up and down your spine, now don’t it” “Are you voting for Obama because of his great choice of Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running Mate or because he’s promised to take a stand against abortion?” The answers kept coming back, “Yes, I think Obama will help the country on both counts”.

“I have personally witnessed the heart-rending results of the loss of freedom. I have seen it with my own eyes. I have been close to the godless evil of the socialist-communist conspiracy on both sides of the iron curtain, particularly during my years as European Mission President at the close of the war, and today and also during my eight years in the Cabinet.”

“I have talked face-to-face with the godless Communist leaders. It may surprise you to learn that I was host to Mr. Khrushchev for a half day, when he visited the United States. Not that I’m proud of it – I opposed his coming then and I still feel it was a mistake to welcome this atheistic murderer as a state visitor. But according to President Eisenhower, Khrushchev had expressed a desire to learn something of American agriculture, and after seeing Russian agriculture I can understand why.”

You Americans are so gullible. No you won’t accept Communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and you find you already have Communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you fall like over-ripe fruit into our hands.” (emphasis added)

Folks, that time has arrived; are you asleep or simply ignoring the handwriting on the wall? WAKE UP!

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