Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Connecticut No Longer Recognizes 1st Amendment

Well, perhaps the title should have been directed to a couple of folks rather than the entire state of Connecticut, more precisely, Senator Andrew McDonald and Representative Michael Lawlor no longer recognize the 1st Amendment. I want to acknowledge and give a tip of the cap to Cassy Fiano, one of the many fine bloggers at Stop the ACLU, for her article posted yesterday, Connecticut looking to regulate the Catholic Church? .

I was going to write this blog last night when I ran across it; but wanted to be awake rather than half asleep. I did manage to send off some email letters to the offending government representatives, which I will include a little further down.

“The Lawlor-and-McDonald-controlled Judiciary Committee has introduced
Raised Bill 1098, a bill aimed specifically at the Catholic Church, which would remove the authority of the bishop and pastor over individual parishes and put a board of laymen in their place.”

I want that to sink in for a moment or so, these government representatives want to alter the ways in which a church goes about self governance and organization. Does that throw up a red flag, anyone; is anyone at all paying attention out there? Please read the entire linked article over at Stop the ACLU, it should make your blood boil.

Here’s a challenge for you; write these “wonderful” government representatives a letter and get it out to them. Then let someone in the Catholic Church know you care as well. I sent a complimentary copy of the below letter to Thomas Peters,
thomas@americanpapist.com , who is part of the Catholic Church up there in Connecticut and who is working to stop this piece of legislation.

Senator Andrew McDonald; (
McDonald@senatedems.ct.gov )

Perhaps Bill 1098 would have been something worthy of approval in some other country, say Russia; however, this is the USA and we have a constitution and a bill of rights which were put in place to protect the citizenry from tyrants such as you and Representative Michael Lawlor. (
MLawlor99@juno.com )

There is even more to Bill 1098 than simply imposing the will of the state on any religious organization they chose, the Catholic Church being in their target today. This same imposed state meddling could as easily be used to target corporations, small businesses or even families if you think about it.

If the state doesn’t like the way a particular board of trustees has been organized for a corporate giant then theoretically, under this same brazen usurpation of power, the state could alter that board to one more in line with what ever agenda is being pushed forward, regardless of the desires of stockholders, profitability or internal operations.

Take that same usurpation of power and apply it to the family unit and the state takes the place of parents in making decisions such as going to school, church attendance and social rules of engagement to include sexual relations which may or may not meet with the standards of the family.

This legislation must be quashed and then buried so far as to make sure the stink of it never reaches out for a second chance of life. Perhaps a public hanging of the bills sponsors would serve as a reminder, “Don’t tread on me”!

T F Stern
Houston, Texas

Don't bother coming down here to explain why you want to destroy God given rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, the smell has already preceded you. Stay up in Connecticut and pray I don’t come up there.

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