Thursday, March 26, 2009

Push the Button!

If you like Jackie Chan movies you’ve surely seen the Rush Hour series. There’s one in which the daughter of an influential Chinese dignitary gets kidnapped. The little girl has a vest of explosives rigged to go off, the detonator held by one of the bad guys. When “every thing goes down” and all involved are within range of the blast, her father, the police and all the bad guys too; there is the taunting by the little girl to her captives, “Push the button”. She knew there was nothing to lose by being courageous.

Today’s bad guys are sitting in the House of Representatives and Senate. They are systematically replacing the free market system which made America the most powerful nation in the world, replacing capitalism with socialism. Along with that they are destroying our currency by printing worthless trillions of dollars which will eventually make the dollar worthless. Each and every act shows their contempt for American principles as they ignore the Constitutional protections put in place that would prevent them from doing exactly what they are doing.

At the top of the list of bad guys would be President Barack Obama; following his playbook to install a form of government alien to American thinking. This pack of rats is holding all of America hostage with “crisis” after “crisis”, all the while perverting American foundations which once were protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights into some form of totalitarian socialism that Comrade Marx would have been proud of.

I was looking for something entirely different in my archive files and happened to glance at an article I posted two years ago, April 2007, How to Murder a Socialist . Please take a moment to read (Okay, that should have given you time to read the other rant.) and then follow my instructions to the letter.

There is an emblem at the top of today’s piece, the now famous Obama campaign button. I want you to print out a copy, then cut it out into a nearly perfect circle; use rounded Kindergarten approved scissors since the only folks hanging with me to this point could only be Republicans, not just Republicans but Conservatives at that, and therefore unable to use sharp pointed scissors. Now place the button on the desk in front of you. “Push the Button! Come on, Push the Button!”

Now, you’ll have to have other buttons held in the ready; God help us if the orderly transfer of power went to that idiot Bidden; because, when his button got pushed, the next President of the United States would be Pelosi. That may be the most terrifying thought I’ve had all day.

I read somewhere, can’t remember how many times the email was sent or how many different folks sent it; but it had to do with how “history had been made by a Black man being elected to the Oval Office”. That wasn’t the focus of the email; it went on to wonder why nobody was making a big deal out of the fact that a brain dead moron was now the Speaker of the House, third in line to the Presidency under our Constitution.

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