Monday, March 16, 2009

Mesmerized Was A Really Bad Movie

Lucy brought home some “cheap” movies the other day from the grocery store’s mark down table; twenty five cents each and I think we over paid at that price. I watched the first one this evening when I figured out there wasn’t anything worth watching on the cable channels either.

Jodi Foster and John Lithgow, if you happen across this short article I have a proposition for you, a “deal you can’t refuse”; that large lump under the covers might be your favorite race horse’s head. Each of you send me a crisp twenty dollar bill, “no more no less”, as Alfred Doolittle would have said, and the DVD gets nuked in the microwave.

This isn’t blackmail, at least not in the normal sense; this is a professional courtesy presented to folks who have climbed high in their field as actors and would prefer to have some of their earlier miserable attempts forgotten, destroyed or otherwise removed from the public domain.

The alternative would be for me to crank up the DVD copier and start mailing free copies to movie critics who might not be as generous. The only reason I watched it to the end was so I’d know for sure I’d seen it and would never be tempted to watch it some night when the cable went out.

I have folks who stop by my blog, evolutionists, who claim we all climbed out of the slim way back when. They would say the only reason apes evolved into humans was so their opposing thumbs could be aimed down for this movie.

Stephen over at Hold the Mayo has t-shirts and bumper stickers that say, Socialism Sucks . If he’d seen this movie there’d be someone up all night printing new t-shirts and bumper stickers, “Mesmerized Sucks almost as bad as Socialism”.

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