Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Constitution Be Damned - We Want This Now!

Some terrible events have been happening over the past several weeks; but reading the headlines today, what kind of mongrels are running this pack of wolves in Washington?

About the only thing I could glean from their actions would be the overall assumption by those in power that they can do anything they please, Constitution be damned; we want this now!

Reading from a headline article posted to the KPRC website made me angry; I’m well past concerned at this point, reading about how congress wants to give judges power to alter civil contracts in order to relieve debt. Constitution be damned, we want this to happen!

“Democratic negotiators in the House said they have an agreement on housing legislation that gives bankruptcy judges the power to force lenders to rewrite mortgages for debt-strapped homeowners.” (emphasis added)


“Under the terms of the agreement, judges would have to consider whether a homeowner had been offered a reasonable deal by the bank to rework his or her home loan before deciding whether to take judicial action to lower the interest rate or principal.”

Isn’t it bad enough we have companies advertising over the air ways looking for folks with huge amounts of debts, folks who owe so many people money as to make them eligible for election to public office. Yes, the unwashed, the undisciplined and certainly the unrepentant.

“Are your credit card debts dragging you under? Are creditors knocking on your door day and night? Are you afraid to open the mail knowing you can’t pay even the interest? Well give us a call at 1-800-NEVR-PAY and we can legally eliminate all your debt and all you have to do is click those ruby red slippers together three times while saying the magic words, “I ain’t got no money”, and like magic your debt will disappear. Call us; that number once again, 1-800-NEVR-PAY, call right now and years of unbridle spending habits will be forgotten. The first 25 callers will be eligible to win an all expenses paid vacation in Tahiti. Our number once again, 1-800-NEVR-PAY.”

A quick disclaimer; I just made up the phone number. If you’re one of the undisciplined spenders who needs to make your excessive debt vanish, then you might be dumb enough to call 1-800-NEVR-PAY, expecting Glenda the Good Witch of the North to answer the phone. THIS IS A MADE UP NUMBER, it probably matches up with some real phone number and boy are they going to be angry with me.

All kidding aside, Congress actually believes it can authorize judges to alter civil contracts. Think what that means. If I owe you twenty dollars I can get a judge to explain to you how times are tough, and with any luck I’ll only owe you, say, twelve, make that eight dollars; yea, eight dollars because the judge was distracted when my girlfriend rubbed his leg.

You think the system might be wide open for corruption when judges have the ability to alter contract agreement? But we trust our judges, just like we trust our elected officials. Remember, most judges and most elected officials came from the same gene pool; here’s a hint, “Lawyers”.

You’ve heard the old saying, “How can you tell when a lawyer is telling a lie? His lips are moving.” Now, expand that same thought process to include Congress and you’ll have a much better chance of understanding why we need to be afraid anytime they get together to “help” fix things.

What about the folks who loaned that money with a reasonable expectation of getting paid back; not just paid back, but with interest? You thought it was hard getting a loan before; folks, there won’t be anyone with the sense God gave a door knob willing to extend credit to anyone; not if a judge can void the agreement. You might as well take the word “Lend” out of the dictionary; either that or add the newest meaning to it:

Lend – the act of stupidity on the part of folks with money whereby they hand over large sums of money to irresponsible parties with the full knowledge that they could have flushed that same money down the toilet and had as good a chance of getting it back.

The country and the rule of law as we know it just got thrown out with the bathwater. Constitution be damned, it’s being done now!

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