Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HBO’s Big Love Temple Scene

I understand the lack of respect for anything religious in nature coming from those who produce and provide so called entertainment on most cable channels, to include HBO. If Hollywood had its way; well, let’s not go there, haven’t got enough hours in the day.

I am aware of a show, Big Love, which, under the thin veil of entertainment, portrays a polygamous family. That show being on the air as entertainment is marginally acceptable; however, and that which is not excusable is the lack of respect for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by including within the show ( to be aired Sunday March 15,2009) scenes depicting sacred temple ordinances. (photo credit: iStockphoto and borrowed from Meridian Magazines website)

“Certainly one of the hallmarks of a civilized society is that we grant others the opportunity to reverence their beliefs. If a group or individual holds something as sacred, an advanced and compassionate society gives them that privilege and does not seek to desecrate it… HBO has violated that critical idea and the LDS Church with their unseemly depiction. If you choose to send a letter to HBO, make sure it is dignified and reasonable, and note the counsel of the Church given here”

I am told the information used to recreate these sacred ordinance scenes along with the set designs to simulate the ordinance rooms within a working LDS temple, this information was obtained from a former member of the LDS Church, who left the LDS Church with an ax to grind and who does not hold these ordinances sacred. Even with that in mind, what lapse of respect on the part of HBO would lend a reasonable entertainment company to believe that airing such material would be acceptable in any light?

HBO has lowered, yet again, the minimum standards for the entertainment industry and those involved in the production and distribution of the show, Big Love, owe an apology to each and every member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the entire community for trampling that which is sacred, regardless of which religious institution has been abused.

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Inanna WindFeather said...

LDS = pyramid scheme Joseph Smith was never a prophet, but in fact the roguish son of a petty con artist evangelist/sales man/thief and he followed in his despicable father's footsteps to the letter- ripping off 'sacred' traditions from other religions, interpreting them rather poorly, then hodge-podging them together in the Book of Mormon to suit his thirst for money and power attainment via cult methods. People often behave like sheep; following charlatan leaders with blind faith steeped in fear that begs them to willingly turn over weekly tithings of gold jangling in their pockets. Those are the only gold discs that ever passed into the hands of this liar and cheat. Kudos for you for setting your logical brain aside and buying into this dogmatic sheep dung, brother! I whole-heartedly recommend that you do some real investigative research through the empirical method before you jump down the throats of the truth seekers, where ever they be- in Hollyweird or right next door. Jeez! The sheer percentage of people in the world who refuse to actually use their god-given intellect is unfathomably ludicrous! But, hey, to each his/her own path of self-destructive learning. PEACE Love + Light to ALL, for ALL are beloved, chosen and equal!!