Thursday, June 16, 2005

In Time of War…

Listening to and reading about the elected officials in congress crying all over the place about the terrible living conditions and possible rights violations of detained folks down at Guantanamo Bay should make us all wonder if they have a backbone; it’s nearly a certainty they have no genitals. They must have forgotten that we are at war with these terrorists, people who have sworn that the moment they get the chance they will continue their murdering ways, their assaults on this country and its people or any who dare to profess a faith other than their own. I think we should make a list, a Ben Franklin accounting of those congressmen and senators who wish to protect the citizens of the United States and those who want to let the terrorists get back to work. It’s that simple.

The Houston Chronicle carried a story by Charles Babington, of the Washington Post, who wrote, “Key lawmakers, alarmed by international condemnation of U.S. treatment of prisoners at the military prison…” In the first place, they have forgotten why these particular folks were taken out of circulation; they are terrorists, bomb builders and bomb delivery systems who wear sheets and talk about killing any and all Americans. I’ve heard it expressed by several of my friends, “Who are these congressmen and senators more concerned about, the civilized citizens or the terrorists?”

Pardon me for wishing to keep those folks behind the wall a bit longer; my own opinion is that terrorists should only be kept for a week or so, interrogate them for what information they may have that is useful and then dispose of their bodies to an ignominious grave. In their own words they have no use for the civilized world or its citizens, they have no plan to change their attack strategies in the event of being freed and so they should be dealt with as you would a rabid dog, quickly and without fanfare. I’m impressed that a group with the American Citizen’s interests at heart, Amnesty International, has so much influence on our elected officials. (gag, choke, puke)

The congressmen and senators responsibilities are to the citizens. They are without honor when they pretend their concerns are about and for the civilized repercussions for having unduly detained “captured foreign suspects”. Giving these terrorists the benefit of calling them “suspects” is laughable; these are terrorists. Maybe these progressive thinking congressmen and senators would like to put these “suspects”; those “innocent until proven guilty suspects”, put them up as house guests until the end of hostilities, until all the terrorist networks stop blowing up folks waiting in line at the bank, until they quit blowing up cars in pubic squares, until they quit blowing up mosques full of their fellow Muslim worshipers, or any of the related random targets that these cowards go after. After all, these are just plain folk, just like you and me, who are being held against their will by an oppressive Bush regime bent on taking over the world.

I suppose the first name on the list would be Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa. Who else should be on that list; let’s keep track of these folks and remind them at the polls come election day.

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